Musical Concert



You get to sing with me at a concert whether it is Broadway or oldies, you can sing some of your favorite songs at the concert in front of the audience!


I’ll Invite
Singers with @Haruka547



Guest host:



Hello🙋. I don’t get it😊


Hello, You’re in the audience to see the Oldies/Broadway concert in the pub.




Have some refreshments.


Lol, thank you. Can’t wait for the show


You are going to see a lot of singers including me.


u got a lot of fwiends Haru-senpai that’s great :slightly_smiling_face:


You get to be one of my singers for my Oldies/Broadway concert! And thank you!


hahahaha thanks


and what shall i sing to u dear? hmm…let me think hehe u might not like it tho


tell me how u r feeling so i can quote something to go along with it


You shall sing memory from cats!


I am feeling nervous but also really great.


nervous huh? well…

girl relax, let’s go slow i ain’t got nowhere to go,
i’m gonna focus on u,
girl are u ready?
throw your clothes…imma stop now, u better?


I feel better.


i’m glad to hear that what r u doin tho?


I’m just watching some youtube.


oh i see…what’s is bout?