Musical Concert



Youtube is an online resource for videos and making videos.


oh…hehe…i see…well how was your day? wait what time is it?


My day was great and the time is 5:32pm.


wow so u r like 2 hours behind me, how is that possible? anyway, what made your day great? was it school?




what?! how? what happened?


I got a pink ticket during MTSS and I went to the 8th grade career fair at Antioch Middle School.


wow, that’s really great compared to my day…i got a surprise math test and we didn’t really get teachings in class since school tarted so we were clueless and God know i fail hahaha


I feel really sorry for you that you failed a math test.


heeey no worries it’s not the first…i…umm…i never really pas it anyway…but i never was this clueless i might’ve gotten a 10/10 if we were taught


Do you like to sing?


idk but i sing everyday, in school, in the shower, actually i sing a lot i like doing it and i like remixing stuff too hehe i spoil the song


You are a very talented singer.


hahaha who told u that, i can only sing specific songs well hahaha others…you’ll have to run when u hear my voice hahaha


What specific songs do you sing?


stuff hehe stuff to make my fwiends think other wise of me or love songs, nightcore, a couple alan walker. i don’t know any singer really sooo…i don’t have soo much fav songs from the real world hehe


You can look up some singers right now if you want like

John Partridge
Michael Ball
Michael Crawford
Michael Gruber
Jackie Evancho


what if i told u i din’t know who Arianna grater i mean grande was


Arianna Grande was a pop star gone bad.


oh i see well i have my likes and dislikes i only really like Bruno Mars songs