My account is getting deleted they think im underage



I opened up wattpad today, and they told me that they think i’m under the age of 13.
Well 1. i’m 13, I made this a count a couple weeks after I turned 13
2. I have never said I was under the age of 13
I just have a question, Is there a way I can tell them, or give them proof that i’m 13?
I really don’t want to keep this account, it is my favorite thing to do.
What do they do when they decide that i’m -13, is it a bot


Usually they have a proof like a screenshot where you stated that you are under 13 years old.

@AnnieRosebud can you maybe help him/her


Hey, I’ll ask around to see what could be done. But what makes you believe your account might be closed? Did you receive any message?


Yea, they sent me a message


Did you try sending a reply to clarify?


I sent something to them through the help center, and I replied saying “That I am 13”


Is there anything i can do


If you’ve sent a ticket, that’s all you can do.


Have you tried to go to the support page and submitting a request?

If not just look up Wattpad support go to account and scroll all the way down to contact us or you could go through the other things on that page and see if any of the rings will help you.


Can you give me a link


closed #13

unlisted #14