My Fantasy-Mystery story needs YOU! (payment included UPDATED)

Thank you for checking in!

I’m in need of as many beta readers as possible to give me genuine feedback on Alkimiya - A Fantasy Mystery Series.

The first 5 chapters have been subjected to the standard read-for-reads and story exchanges, but I’ve only now begun posting twice a week and THOSE chapters don’t have as much feedback. I’d like to enter into the wattys this year.

PAYMENT: A permanent follow, a shout out, and I can add one of your stories to my public reading list!

Story Synopsis:
The Noire family curse is out for blood.

Zenetra Noire must remain vigilant, especially after joining the Constabulary Force as a cadet-in-training. A distress call radioed in by celebrated explorer Scarlett Burn changes everything. The search and rescue operation over the Ghost Sea puts the team in peril and though led by a powerful alchemic inspector, someone on the airship harbors ulterior motives.

To survive, Zenetra relies on haunting childhood stories from her missing sister, but there’s no guarantee that her alchemic education is going to solve the secrets of a lost city and the strange, magical phenomenon that encircles it.



Interested! What kind of feedback do you need?

I think I’m okay on grammar, but I am worried it’s a little boring. So maybe just tell me what you liked and didn’t like within each chapter, if the story drags in places, or if you don’t feel connected to the characters.

Okay. Got it. When do I start?

Awesome! You’re welcome to start on the chapters I have currently posted on wattpad and if you catch up before I finish posting (i post twice a week and will end with about 40 chapters), I can send you googledoc links to the rest. Or you can wait for them to be posted on wattpad.

There’s no real rush. I just need some time to make edits before the last day to enter the wattys - so September.

Nice! I will start up reading on the posted chapters on WP, since I’m free. Then follow up while you post. And we see how it goes from there. Most important thing is getting constructive feedbacks as you progress.

Yes, exactly what I need. Thank you! Please let me know what story of yours to add to my reading list.

Sent you a pm.

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I’ve added your story and followed you, and will give you a shout out when you’re a few chapters in! Thank you!

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I’m interested! I’ll probably have a look at this after work

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Thank you! Let me know if you’d like to take it on and I’ll complete the payment.

Not to sound desperate, but I’m still looking for more beta readers! If you’ve got the time, I’ve got the gratitude :kissing_smiling_eyes:

@crimson_mystery_cake Hey there! Did you have time to take a look and decide?

I have a second, so I’ll probably take a look at it tonight

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Hello, I would like to help as I love mystery genre.

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Great! Are you certain you can commit to a 40 chapter story? If so, I will make the payment later today!