My Fellow Anime Lovers



Favourite anime? Can’t really choose an actual fav but i’ll list just five that I really like the most.
-Kaichou wa Maid Sama
-Hunter X Hunter
-Satsuriku No Tenshi


I love all of them…Those anime melt my heart


Ikr, especially HXH, well for me.


yeah that anime is Love


anyway whats your real name?


Sry, but I don’t really trust you yet, so no. Sry


okay…and Don’t worry, I will not murder you or do something…Its Okay




Quick Question for anyone, have you ever read Qishi Huangxiang Ye and Monokuro Shoujo Shounen?


Sadly, I only watch one idol anime, and it’s Zombieland Saga.
Even weird, I watch it for the Manager Tatsumi Kotaro, not the idol :joy:


Haha. Managers are pretty awesome. They make sure the idols are there and they have lot of things. Tsumugi is strong manager and any manager needs appreciation (?)!!!