My Fellow Anime Lovers



Favourite anime? Can’t really choose an actual fav but i’ll list just five that I really like the most.
-Kaichou wa Maid Sama
-Hunter X Hunter
-Satsuriku No Tenshi


I love all of them…Those anime melt my heart


Ikr, especially HXH, well for me.


yeah that anime is Love


anyway whats your real name?


Sry, but I don’t really trust you yet, so no. Sry


okay…and Don’t worry, I will not murder you or do something…Its Okay




Quick Question for anyone, have you ever read Qishi Huangxiang Ye and Monokuro Shoujo Shounen?


Sadly, I only watch one idol anime, and it’s Zombieland Saga.
Even weird, I watch it for the Manager Tatsumi Kotaro, not the idol :joy:


Haha. Managers are pretty awesome. They make sure the idols are there and they have lot of things. Tsumugi is strong manager and any manager needs appreciation (?)!!!


It’s so freakin’ good (donghua, I only did the watching, the book will have to wait until I all the seasons come out because spoilers XD) that I had to write a chapter about MDZS review/recc in my rant book lol


anyone here watching Golden Kamuy? I’m totally enjoying the humor and the gray morality that is deeply woven in the story :smiley:


I haven’t heard of it.


lol for some reason i just avoided the anime completely. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Gawd…yasss. I’ve read till Chapter 47 if I’m not mistaken and I stopped because I don’t want to be left hanging at the last translated chapter. I shall resume once it’s completed. And I could hardly wait for season 2 to be released! I need to watch the great revenge against the Wen dogs!


I very much preferred the revenge in the novel. The one in donghua was toned down (probably because it’s too gruesome for public viewing)


yeah, season 1 left me wanting more… especially to see how will the revenge end and the present to continue :smiley:

MAL says we need to wait till July 2019 for season 2.
Considering all the good anime coming out (and soon will be ready for watching - I need them complete bcoz it’s hard to wait from week to another week) and, of course, 2019 filled with some fine animes I’ve been waiting to continue with new seasons, waiting until the summer won’t seem a half a year away :smiley: :smiley:


It’s pretty good if you like comedy and gore inside an adventure story, though Golden Kamuy made it work, and history lessons were very much apreciated :smiley:


you should try it out :wink: