My idea for homepage change!


So- I did an experiment on my fiance to see what he thought about the default theme of the forums.

My fiance is not a wattpad user which makes him a good test subject- He has no biases.

Based on his feedback I made this photoshop of what would make the homepage of the forums look nicer.
Note I am not good at Photoshop and I did this within twenty minutes. I just wanted people to see if they liked it and then maybe lauren could use it to her advantage! Having visuals is easier for people rather than trying to explain it, So if you’re any good at photoshop maybe make your own photoshop idea?


You’re probably asleep, but I really want to see what you think about my idea? Would it be plausible? more color would possibly stop the comments about the white color.

I don’t know anything about coding- So I don’t know if this possible for you to do sadly.



That looks really nice to me!


I like! Also– @PurelyAliyah thanks for doing a user test with your fiance :slight_smile: I’ll futz around some today! Thank you!


No problem! I love making him give me his opinions on things and I figured he would be the best test subject since he’s extremely picky.