My notifications aren't working

@PearlGladys @Siennafrost Have your stats been down too? I was also thinking it was my phone since I switch so much between that and my laptop.
Same here with the messages.

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I don’t check stats so I’m not sure.

I don’t check stats! I don’t even know how to :sweat_smile:

Hi! I have had the same problem but it’s fixed now because I can see the people who have followed me recently or commented. I guess this was a glitch.

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Mine are all coming through from yesterday but not in my notifications, hopefully it’s fixed :slight_smile:

It’s definitely a site problem. I submitted a ticket but I’m sure they’re looking into the problem. All my notifications just came in from yesterday and woke me up lol


Same here, has your stats been down? Last time I apparently had any interaction on my story was the 28th.

Good wake up call though haha

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I actually never check my stats so I’m not sure!!! But with all the issues, I dont doubt that they’re glitchy as well. They’re probably doing maintenance on the site which glitched it

this is my graph. it’s kind of strange bc i’m used to them updating a day late but this is definitely something else.

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Yeah mine is exactly the same! Hopefully they update soon :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply.

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They’ve fixed it but mine is still a little wonky, what about yours? @abusiveblueberries @annasteffey @Miss_whts_her_name @KSPNovels @FireAlwaysReturns @Siennafrost @PearlGladys


Yeah, they’re mostly fixed

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Mostly fixed, but push notifs are weird now

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I think mine is ok. I’m not sure. I’ve been getting notifications but don’t know if all came through.

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Yeah same here. Sometimes they work other times takes 10 mins

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It’s fixed now! Working perfectly fine, hope yours too.

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I didn’t got my previous tho!

There’s no Notifications for whatever I publish


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