My story disappeared, I'm freaking out!!!

I. Am. Freaking. Out. And. Losing. My. Shit. :crazy_face:

I just uploaded a new chapter to my story and when I went back to look at my profile, the story had disappeared! I tried logging in and out, rebooting my computer… nothing changed. Same thing on the mobile app.

I got a comment. Only it linked to someone else’s story as if I had uploaded my chapter into theirs. It’s the weirdest thing. I usually get notifications of votes right after I upload but apart from that one comment… nothing…

I. Am. Freaking. Out.

Can you help?

Edit by Mod (@Azanthiel): this is now a known issue and HQ are working on resolving it. You can find out more information in the article below:

did you break any Wattpad guidelines/rules? what was the story about?

Not at all! It was the twenty fourth chapter of an ABO story, no smut, no explicit rape scene or anything like that.

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I really think it’s a bug. Here is a screenshot of my notifs.

Laventriloque is me but “obsession of possessive boyfriend” is not the title of my book nor is the cover beside the notif the cover of my book.

But “Jay” is the title of the chapter I uploaded.

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You can try pressing CTRL+F5 on the PC site version to refresh off the server. It might show up.

Also, if you have more than 10 books in My Stories, there should be a Show more book link at the bottom of the all stories tab. Sometimes the new book can turn up there instead of the top.

If you have the link to the comment, IT might be able to track to the source of the book. You could probably be able to raise a support IT for a bug to see if IT can help.
and Service Request Page


When I follow the link of the comment it takes me on my chapter called Jay, but on another person’s profile, the one that wrote obsession of possessive boyfriend (which I had never heard about before this).

Tried the CTRL+ F5, no luck :frowning:

I sent a ticket to wattpad help

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Cool. Also provide screenshots of this step (e.g click link of chapter goes to someone else’s profile). Any supporting screen shots you give them will help with their diagnosis.

It does sound like a glitch.

Hope IT can fix the issue.


It may be a bug. I have faced the prob where if I click on one link it takes me to completely different book. Also one of my chapter did not appear even after publishing. So I unpublished it and republished it.
It may be something like that. May get resolved in a few hours or a day.

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I hope so! Thank you!

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99% sure it’s a glitch! This exact thing happened to me in my notifications, where the title and cover were different but people were voting for a certain chapter.

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Did it go back to normal by itself?

Happens to me too sometimes :frowning: Though I find it turns up eventually!

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Yeah. I was using the app so I either deleted and reinstalled or just cleared it from the background. You could try logging in and out too.

That’s happened to me before I lost my story because I couldn’t get it back

All my stories disappear for like an hour if I log out and back in to Wattpad.

this happened to me today! this morning i posted an update to a story that had 30k reads, and the whole book is just gone! hopefully it’s just a bug, but i don’t know what i’m gonna do if it’s not.


This just happened to me too right now. Been posting it for 2 years, 105 parts, 91k reads, just completed it yesterday.

It disappeared on the web version first. I opened my app and literally watched it vanish in front of my eyes. All of my notifs are still there, and I was getting notifs after it had already vanished for me – but unlike OP, my notifs led to an error page instead of another work or something like that. I went to some followers’ pages and my book is gone from their reading lists, too. If I follow the direct link, nothing is there.

I’m. Trying not to panic.

I sent in a support request. It’s a little comforting (not much?) to know that it’s not just me.

Here’s hoping that the people who know how to do the thing are able to get our stuff restored. Maybe it’s just a funky bug. But I’m here for moral support if this is happening to anyone else.


this is actually what happened with mine. it shows up when i search for it, but that’s it. It shows the 1k votes but 0 reads, and leads to an error page when i try to open it. so yeah, same. this makes me feel better. i’m just really worried because the only version of it that exists is gone.

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this happened to me once. Just e-mail Wattpad support and they should be able to get it back up for you.

Edit: may take some time. I think this is a glitch multiple people are experiencing at the moment. If it is, I’m sure WPS will be able to tell you to either wait until they fix it, or they restore your story.

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Oh gosh cajoling, I’m so sorry to hear that. I have other copies, so I know it’s still with me – I just have the scary prospect of re-uploading from scratch that I’m trying not to think about.

Honestly, the thought of losing all those comments is what breaks my darn heart.

Promise me you’ll back up to google docs or something else when it’s restored!

This gave me a huge, huge sigh of relief mamodramo, thank you. I know these things can happen on a site that deals with the volume that WP deals with. If they tell me it’s coming back, I’ll be over the moon.

Hard not to feel that gut-sucking dread though. Oof.