My therapist wants me to write


Hello. I know the title is strange, but I didn’t know what else to title it. So I told my teacher about a series of novels, I was thinking of writing as a teenager. As the title would suggest, she replied to my rambles with, “You should go back to those ideas and write them out even if they don’t get published, it may help you work through somethings.”

I making this thread to see what do you all think? If I do write them, I probably won’t take them pass posting them here on wattpad.

The stories she wants me to do are stories that have main characters based on my friends, me, and our lives.


If you want to try it, I say go for it. Writing and reflecting like that can help


Writing will definitely help you. As previously mentioned, it’s good to reflect - even if you don’t publish them. There’s no harm in doing it, so I’d say go for it! It’s worth a shot.

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If I would publish them, would they classify under nonfiction?


Depends on the setting? If you use real names? If somethings changes to make it fiction? A lot of works fall between genres or bridge them. I’ve always considered nonfiction more like prose, so if it is a novella I’d most likely put it in general fiction, teen fiction, biography etc. depending on what it is about.

But yes write them if you want to.


Thank you. I think I am gonna change a few details since I do plan to post them here.

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Has anyone else had a therapist tell them to write at all?


I’m a therapist myself, and I of course have suggested writing as a way to not only let things out, but also as a healthy and pleasurable way to make achievements.

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I like this idea!

I say go for it!


Go for it! Writing is a wonderful way to channel emotions and experiences in a positive way, and it’s fun and creative! Good luck with your writing! :sparkles:


My writings are not that good and I need some help.


Writing of any kind, especially if it’s just to get thoughts out, really do help. As someone who has been through various kinds of therapy over the years, sometimes sitting down and just writing what comes to mind helps me an unwind. It doesn’t have to make sense or be fiction or even non-fiction. Just whatever is on your mind.

If you’d like a writing tip, open Google Docs and use the Comic Sans font. It’s a strange but amazing tricks, as the font itself is actually aesthetically pleasing to a working mind, simply how the letters are spaced and shaped. Odd, I know, but give it a shot!

Never feel pressure to post those sorts of things anywhere, but archive them on Docs or even Evernote.


I can speak from experience that writing really does help a lot on working through some issues. My therapist encourages it greatly as well.


I misread ‘write’ as ‘die’


Good luck with the writing. Agree with everyone here. Writing can be very helpful. I’ve always kept a journal and it isn’t anything I’d want anyone to read. It has always been a place to vent. I read somewhere about a writing therapy exercise where the person writes about a painful incident and creates in it what they would have done, or wished had happened, or what they did afterward that was positive. I can see how that might be really beneficial, and actually so many stories/fictions are just that–worlds we wish for, happy endings to dramatic conflict. Wish you all the best…and everyone else, too! (And I’ve made my husband swear that if I die before him, he will destroy my journals without reading them or letting anyone else read them, lol.)


I think it’s a very good idea! Whether you keep them to yourself, post them on here or get them published, it doesn’t matter. Writing is extremely therapeutic!


fiction can be based on real life


Go for it!

Writing is not just a great medium to express yourself but also helps you to vent out from certain situations of your life.
If you don’t want to publish, that is completely your choice. Like every social media handle, there are a bunch of people who criticize and bash unnecessarily neglecting the fact of how much efforts one puts into his one piece of wriitng. But, there are also good people who will motivate you and encourage you to write more. So both the sides of the coin should be analyzed well if you plan to publish.

And if you don’t want to publish, still keep on writing. Keep them with you either in google docs or any other software you prefer.

Good luck with your writing,


This is a great idea! Writing is an excellent way to express yourself. Seeing how I struggle with verbal & emotional expression, writing seems to help me do it better. I can usually explains things really well when I am using it as an outlet. :3


I know it’s been some time since you asked your question, but I wondered if part of, uh, “my story” might help you keep focused on letting everything out, so to speak.

I was in a clinic some years back, and yes, we were advised to write. Not only that, though: we had music therapy, art therapy, sport therapy… everything you can think of that makes humans uncomfortable when they’re not used to it. :smiley:

Apart from therapists using this method to help you focus on your feelings and things you need to work on? When I was in the deepest depression, I created a character that reflected my darkest thoughts and feelings. I was filled with anger, with hurt, fear of rejection, paranoia (“everyone has it in for me” etc.)… It was nasty. All these feelings? I didn’t have an outlet for them, but writing that character created one!

And guess what: even after all these years—said character is about 7 now, I think—I have never had quite so many epiphanies about myself again. He was my direct mirror in a way, everything I didn’t want to be anymore. And to this day, he is a character that I still love, whose story I still want to tell, to show him the way out of his own dark hole. He never quite let me go. :wink: (Working on his story constantly right now, in fact. xD)

So… even if it’s “just” an outlet now. Even if it’s “just” to find another voice within yourself to get better, to understand yourself better… Perhaps that story can be more some day. And even if it won’t be? Then you will have something to look back on with fondness one day.

I wish you all the strength you need on your way. You can do it. :heart: