Mystery/Paranormal Cover Needed

Graphic Type (Please be specific! People can’t make you a graphic if you don’t tell them what you want.): I’m not well versed in the lingo but I think there’s either something that’s not manipulated and manipulated covers. I just don’t want a person on that cover and use copyright free images please?

Title: Elgin’s Enigma

Subtitle: Alliances of Realities and Gods

Author: J. A. Jumphol

Genre(s): Mystery and Paranormal

Colours: Red, Black, White

Idea(s): I need an intimidating goat if you plan to use a goat. The island in the story is floating in the sky, you can even do just a city type skyline or whatever. Fog is a huge thing in the narrative too so if you can use fog that would be cool. There is a lot of occult too so rune circles and the like would be awesome too.

Story Summary:

Elgin is your average city filled with people, trains, fog, victorian era fashion, goat people, and the best alchemy shop one can find. Nothing too bizarre, aside from the children.

Children appear in the forest regularly with marks on their body, unsure on how or why they’re there.

One day when a letter gets delivered to one of the children and curiosity gets the better of them. It suddenly becomes a mad dash on figuring out on what exactly Elgin is and how they can go back home.

Payment (If offered. Please do not offer votes as it’s not allowed.): I can offer comments on the first 3 chapters of the cover maker’s book and credit will be given for the cover of course. If there’s other ideas of payment aside from following I’ll be willing to talk it through.

Anything Else:

So I had a cover made before but now that I have a new pen name and a new subtitle I want it redone. I really love the vibe of the original cover since it has more emphasis on the mystery as opposed to a thriller vibe.

Elgin cover


if you really love that cover, you should ask the designer who made it @/Azanthiel if there is any way you can change the little stuff maybe she might still have the psd!

I already tried that

No dice

I tried to make something similar but it’s hard to make it very close. I can still make a few changes if you want me to, though.

Hey what font did you use?

@moonlight_aura13 @Gugus4682 Thanks for the covers guys but it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Thanks for trying tho! I really appreciate it


That font is called Cinzel Decorative I believe :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have an inspo covers by chance?


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Ah sorry, I don’t. It’s a bit hard finding covers that I want the vibe for. I can find images tho

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I totally forgot about this, sorry :see_no_evil: if you still need, I can try to edit the original?

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Sure :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re not busy. I know your graphics was closed and lots of people requested from you so I wasn’t sure whether to bother you or not xD

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I’m also okay with a monochrome look too if it makes anything easier. I remember when I requested for a cover awhile back I sourced these images for inspo



Yeah it’s Cinzel Decorative. And I actually wrote elgiN’s eNigma for it to look like that.



I have an exam today, then should be free :slightly_smiling_face:

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