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Hi guys I would really love your suggestions and criticism for my new novel:

A group of students go camping with their teachers in Bolivian jungle. The first few days of their trip go well. Trouble begins when the chaperon Mr. Gallagher discovers that he forgot his passport in La Paz when he had to fill out some forms. That was the beginning of the ominous events. After a storm and being stranded, will the children come out alive or will they, in their attempts to come out alive, fall prey to the legendary man-eating poltergeist La Negra?

It’s called: Lost: Casa Perdida

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"Why’d you go to New Mexico back in '93? To seduce your way into a cult to find your missing sister of course!"

Featured in “Curiouser and Curiouser” in the official profile “Mystery and Thriller” [February 2019]

Featured in “Sparking Thoughts” in “Psychological Novel” [March 2019]

Featured in “Diamond – Completed” in “Undiscovered Stories” [April 2019]

Find the book here: WORSHIP

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The Death of Me

Daniel and Thomas concoct an elaborate plan to fake Thomas’ death, but their plan backfires, resulting in Thomas’ real death. Or has it?

After Thomas is rejected by residents in his town for publicly and shamelessly coming out as gay, he and Daniel devise a plan to fake his death.

But the plan backfires.

As the town mourns, Daniel searches for answers, obsessed with the possibility that Thomas’ disappearance is part of the ploy. He follows possible clues in the hopes that it will prove his theory and lead to uncovering Thomas’ whereabouts.

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Haelyn Carter is a paralegal, who is passionate about being an investigator, and the next case she will be handling concerns a patient that disappeared from a hospital. By trying to investigating this case, her life takes an unexpected turn. A near abduction is only the start of problems. Other similar cases surface, and the International Operation Forces step in for investigation. To solve the case, Haelyn has to cooperate with the IOF, which includes her past high school enemy, Castiel Alpens. Will they solve the mystery before it’s too late? Or will Haelyn be yet another addition to the cases?

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Eve has died.

But, that’s not the worst part.

After being shot in the head by a gunman at a bar on 42nd street, Eve wakes up to her dead life. Her reaper won’t let her cross over and she’s having the darnedest time making friends. Just when she’s about to tip over the lonely scale, she hears a voice down an alley outside of Fenway Park.•••


Creatures of the night exist. Fact.
For humans, vampires and monsters only exist in stories and horror movies, but for Lane Bolevsky - a Tutelar, born with the blood-duty to protect humanity from those that would harm them - they’re the bane of her life. With school exams looming around the corner, all she wants is a calm, normal life like any other eighteen-year-old, as well as some time to hangout with her innocent human boyfriend. But as bodies start piling up, and even vampires become scared, studying is the last thing on her mind. Death is claiming the streets of her city.
One murder at a time.

Title: Out of the Shadows
Author: bluedaisygal
Genre: TeenFiction, YoungAdult, Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Suspense, Romance, Magic.

Ok I’m confused. Wattpad won’t let me add a link to my reply :confused:

When the boundaries of Frank’s identity break down, Ellen is left wondering who her husband really is and what he is to her. She thought she knew him. Then he disappeared. In her search for him, she discovers a side to herself she never knew existed, while her husband is consumed by an altogether different Frank - and a love affair that drives him to kill. Set in late 1930s and early 1970s (or is it?) this tale of identity and the crossing of boundaries leads to an aha moment in the final chapter that makes you want to go back and read it all again.

A perfect town is hiding ugly secrets. One dead body. One missing person. And a killer who is only just getting started. Will Jamie Saunders be able to solve the case with the help of dead girl Blaire Olsen, before it’s too late?

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“An attempt on your life will be allowed to succeed, however you shall remain.” After the Angel of death uttered this phrase to a young Jun, he awoke. His life soon would become much darker.

The Luminous Warrior has been protecting the humans from the wicked for a couple of millennia, but what happens when narratives change, and good becomes bad, and bad becomes good? Unfortunately, due to a cultural shift, the number of Luminous Warrior Candidates have vastly decreased, leaving one young boy to alone handle the responsibilities. Will he fold under the pressure of the dark world he lives in, and the brewing disdain for the Luminous Warriors, or will he be redeemed? The Redemption of the Luminous Warrior is inspired by Occult and Religious themes.

Read here:

i would love to read it. its similar to my book!

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Blurb: Be careful what you wish for. Pretty, down to earth Jameela embarks on a journey to a sleepaway camp with her classmates miles away from her vivacious town of Florida. The outskirts of Savannah seemed like the perfect place to camp, and everything was going on well… until they start disappearing one by one.


Available for read for read.

Titulo: Five years
Genero: Misterio y paranormal
Sinopsis: Sam Thomson es un joven detective privado el cual esta a punto de recibir un caso que le cambiara la vida,recordando traumas del pasado,que lo llevaran a cuestionarse todo lo que a vivido hasta el dia de hoy,una mujer esta apunto de darle la oportunidad de al fin poder averiguar la maldicion de su familia,pero el costo sera demasiado caro.

Thorn Rose - An Ardent Love Affair

When the love of her life leaves her for her former best friend, Marie is left devastated by the betrayal and chooses vengeance over forgiveness. She gets help from her uncle Albus Eli Quiss to get her married.

Albus, a name known by many for the ladies heartthrob he is. He is one of the most envied men in the trading industry because of his position that every other business person wishes to claim.

This man has everything he needs, but he also has a secret.

For years, he has a hidden motive that the media couldn’t possibly get their hands on.

What would happen when his past returns barging back into his life amidst the wedding preparations?

A past that had this rich, powerful man restless for years, one to know about his missing lady-love.



For years Ian Valgrave has protected his younger sister Bethany from herself and from the world. When her mental illness appears to get the better of her, Ian is no longer able to save her. For the first time in his life, he is forced to face the world alone without his best friend by his side.

Rated Mature
Read This Story Here: Life After You

Satchmo Turner is a failed private detective from the rusting heart of the Black Country who is reeling from the loss of his sister and fiancee. He’s going nowhere at work, and treading water in life, until he picks up a simple missing person case and stumbles into something much bigger.

Satchmo soon finds himself in over his head and embroiled a hunt for ancient treasure, unrequited love, violence and murder in a quiet English village stocked with a cast of characters he could never have imagined.

Praise for Quid Pro Quo from Wattpadders:

“Damn you for writing such a good book. I’m dead serious when I say you should look to get it published.”

“Overall, I think it’s a great book and something I’d expect to see on a shelf in a bookstore somewhere.”

“I read another chapter and devoured the whole damn thing over an afternoon.”

“All-in-all the book was thoroughly enjoyable and very professionally written. Definitely better than almost everything else that I have encountered on Wattpad… it was a compelling read.”

“Your style of storytelling is lovely to read. I’m trying desperately to convince my husband to sign up to Wattpad so he can read it too.”

After a car accident, Anatoly wakes up with total amnesia. From his friends and family he hears all about who he’s supposed to be, but he can’t shake the feeling that something is terribly… wrong.

With over three thousand upvotes on reddit, as well as several medals, The Amnesiac has been moved to Wattpad to be completed (It’s easier to write on here lol).

After years of carrying the burden of his daughter’s death, police detective Joel Essen finally comes face to face with her while running from the law as a framed psychopathic murderer. She shows him a future in peril and disarray. A world conquered by blood-curdling demons. From his daughter he learns that it is up to him and four other unlikely heroes to face an even greater enemy, the king of all demons; the destroyer of worlds, who is yet to be released and whose name still remains a mystery. Together Essen and his team of heroes work quickly in efforts to prevent the foretell future. But despite their unprecedented efforts, it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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Heinrich had an eye for picking up details that most people missed. It’s why the Chief had chosen him to lead this investigation. If anyone could come close to solving this, Heinrich was the perfect person to do it.

Grey eyes slowly scanned the room, his breathing came in slow shallow breaths, as his brain tried to process everything. The room smelled of blood and Heinrich made a note not to touch anything, even though he was itching to. He had his own special procedures to follow, observe first, touch later.

In the late 19th century German Empire, Heinrich Hofrichter is a detective attached to the Berlin Police Headquarters. His job is to assist in criminal cases that are deemed too complicated for the average, every day policemen to figure out.

There have been complaints about a prankster who has been causing disorder and mayhem about the city. What started out as a few practical jokes, soon turns into something more sinister.