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"Why’d you go to Wisconsin back in '93? To seduce your way into a cult to find your missing sister of course!"

A genre category for “WORSHIP” is that it’s a romance / mystery.

Featured in “Curiouser and Curiouser” in Wattpad Mystery [February 2019]

Featured in “Sparking Thoughts” in Psychological Novel [March 2019]

Featured in “Diamond – Completed” in Stories Undiscovered [April 2019]

Find the book here: WORSHIP

“Follow me to dark, dangerous places where life is nasty and secrets lay deeply buried. Secrets I unbury.” ~ Rachel Cord

Look for it here

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George Cutter was found hanging from Hangman’s Oak. Was it revenge or justice?

Read it here

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Where are the million Krugerrands?

Find out here


FEATURED IN: Diamond - Complete from StoriesUndiscovered (Wattpad’s official profile for undiscovered stories) [May 2019]

Charming to a fault, the Gentleman makes both men and women swoon. Elegantly wrapped in a black cashmere trench coat and the stench of rot and old age, he attends a social gathering to choose his special girl. Evasive and romantic, he brings her on an escapade and never fails to surprise her.

Gloomy and satirical, this ten-minute-read - a caricature about a man we all know about but are still surprised to meet - will leave you disturbed for much longer.'s-secret

âťťa golden cage is still just a cage.âťž

There were about one hundred people under the same roof as Venus Wilson the night she took her last breaths. Four people found her lifeless body, and all four ran the opposite direction.

The beginning of the end had started for these four students when they failed to inform anyone about the body. Despite desperate attempts at returning to normalcy, every night in the loneliest hours they found themselves asking the same question a mourning town did…

What happened to Venus Wilson the night of her Halloween bash?

Scarlet Swift, a spunky, bombshell teen is drawn into a ghostly mystery this time involving the wealthy Gray family. They contact her to help solve an old riddle left behind by a crazy dead uncle, who had hidden a fortune in the property decades before. She must hurry to find the treasure hidden on the vast haunted estate before the city can demolish the property. The more she digs into this mystery, it becomes that is a family is trying to keep something from her. What does this family have to hide that is worth killing Scarlet to keep it a secret?
Click here to read


A little over a decade ago, when Erik was only nineteen, his hometown Meryl saw its most gruesome murder spree in the last century.

Deep, red wounds marked with sprawling lightning scars marred the victims. Any possible witnesses sported the same lightning scar on their heads–and their memory disappeared. The face of the criminal, the weapon of the criminal, the affect of the criminal-all gone.

Worse still, the scars on the victims came from one particular weapon: the Imperis. Lightning scars that came from absorbing too much of the Imperis’ energy, especially visible against the Merylians light skin, were not native to their country. And Erik wielded an Imperis just like The Ripper.

Sick of the distress and growing distrust of his family, Erik set out to find the murderer and end his crimes. But as Erik pieced the puzzle together, he discovered that finding the Ripper would take its toll.

How much the Ripper of Meryl would take, however, was still a mystery.


Satchmo Turner is a failed private detective from the rusting heart of the Black Country who is reeling from the loss of his sister and fiancee. He’s going nowhere at work, and treading water in life, until he picks up a simple missing person case and stumbles into something much bigger.

Satchmo soon finds himself in over his head and embroiled a hunt for ancient treasure, unrequited love, violence and murder in a quiet English village stocked with a cast of characters he could never have imagined.

[[COMPLETE]] Highest ranks: #3 in Pulp, #4 in Private-Detective, #33 in Mystery.



Lauren Craw, is a psychiatric nurse coming back home to the small Indiana town called Manchester. Although initially her mother wanted her home because she broke her arm and can no longer make a living, Lauren wants to help mend the relationship between her mother and sister. She will also be working in Willow Way, a private psychiatric hospital, there she will work as a private psychiatric nurse to one of their most infamous patients, Charlotte Winston, the previous owner’s wife.

But not everything is as Lauren expected it to be. At first she was told she was going to be helping a rich docile patient with depression but when she lead down to the ward that houses the criminally insane everything goes downhill. When she finally meets her patient, she wonders why Charlotte is kept here. She seems to harmless, yet so sad crying for the little girl she lost long ago. Yet, when Lauren asks what had happened to her daughter, no one seems to have a solid answer, and hasn’t for two decades.

As Lauren discovers the pieces to solve this mystery, Charlotte tells her own version of events, even if they aren’t true. The only one who can say what had truly happened to the family so long ago, is Katherine Winston herself, the little girl who no one can locate.

  • A mulit-award winning story!
  • Captured audiences by the thousands across the globe!
  • Wattys 2019 + Complete
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The debacle at Herbie’s Diner is still paying dividends in misery for Johnny Hardwood, actor-turned-private eye. But luckily, the fine city of Chicago is there to help take his mind off matters back home.

During a layover at Dearborn Station, Johnny meets a kindly old man. A few hours later, the man is dead – murdered. Everyone likes Johnny for the kill. So, it’s the old story of a guy on the run, desperate to prove his innocence before a police dragnet collapses on him, and a corrupt system sends him on a one-way trip to death row.

Only, things aren’t exactly that cut-and-dried. The story is bigger than just one old man, dead on a train station floor. A conspiracy threatens the city, and before it’s done, Johnny’s quest to clear his name will take him from the halls of government to the stomping grounds of the Chicago mob, with several bizarre stops in between. Something dreadful has come to The Windy City, and the terror won’t end until Johnny’s shined a spotlight in all its darkest corners.

Click here to read. And if you haven’t yet read the first book in the series, Herbie’s Diner, click here instead to get started!


Volume unico di prefazione alla Trilogia di Morte, con L’introduzione dell’Autore ai temi trattati nel Romanzo Morte con mie riflessioni personali; e il Prologo degli eventi che portarono il giovane Alex De Paolis a quella terribile notte di Ferragosto 2012.

Estratto dal Prologo:

“Nessuna luce…Nessun suono distinto…Nessuna vera percezione sensoriale di spazio-tempo, se non quella onirica…Così fu l’origine di quel recondito inizio! Solo un’apparente sospensione fluttuante, in una bolla di liquida oscurità calda ed accogliente. Senza un nessun reale bisogno, se non quello della bolla stessa. Senza una vera consapevolezza conscia, di come poter fluttuare nella maniera giusta, dentro quella tenebra ancestrale. Ma solo un istinto intuitivo, di come andava esattamente fatto. Quella bolla, inizialmente vasta e buia come l’infinito Spazio, ma che si era fatta via via sempre più piccola ed avvolgente. Qualcosa era decisamente cambiato e la situazione, continuava ancora a mutare ed evolversi in quella maniera ignota e già nota al tempo stesso. Anche quelle ondose vibrazioni, già avvertite al suo interno, erano cambiate. Alcune erano diventate come ovattosamente più percettibili e autoteliche. “Quasi una fantasia” idilliaca proveniente da un’altra dimensione, metafisica e parallela a quella della bolla. Diventata di pari passo al mutare di quelle vibrazioni, sempre meno comoda ed accogliente. Senza un nessun reale bisogno, se non quello ora di liberarsi della bolla stessa. Senza una vera consapevolezza conscia, di come poter orientarsi nella maniera giusta per uscire da quella liquida oscurità, diventata adesso così opprimente. Ma solo un istinto intuitivo, di come andava esattamente fatto…”

Pubblicato separato dal Romanzo Morte per motivi tecnici e narrativi.

© AldoDiClemente2018

(Per Lettori Italiani)

Posizione migliore in classifica:

1 - astrologia 23/9/2018

At twenty-two-years-old, a journalist named Charles Munakata got a chance to improve his career by contributing to a project involving Soma, a tropical island occupied by scientists. While he was there, he learned some upsetting truths and ended up trapped underground with five children. The kids entrusted him with their fate, and Chuck eventually found the reasons for his trapping. What he found was both unsettling and beautiful.


Breaking Eden (Highest rank in Mystery/Thriller is #2. Now over 115K reads! Breaking Eden is a must read!)

Link to story:

Full blurb:

Declan Payne isn’t your average multimillionaire CEO. He’s the owner of Pleasure in Payne, one of the worlds most profitable sex toy manufacturers. But underneath his poised, well mannered facade lies a sinister beast waiting to be released. And the moment he spots Eden the need to own her, in every way imaginable, consumes him. He’ll stop at nothing to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Eden Burrows is a featured dancer at Harvey’s and couldn’t be happier. Only her days in the spotlight are numbered when she crosses paths with the stranger in room 6. What starts off as a routine job ends in betrayal and her imprisonment. Held against her will, Eden must over come her fear and fight to escape because, for her, dying is not an option.

The Hilstead Experiment – 1986 (Now has over 3.6K reads!)

Link to the story:

Short Blurb: Three prisoners escape an experiment involving human subjects.

Full Blurb:

On the night of August 5th, 1986, Kariss and two fellow prisoners break free of the island compound, intent on exposing its secrets. To escape, meant freedom. To be caught, meant death. They escape to freedom, but quickly learn that something is lurking beyond the compound walls, waiting for them to enter the Greenlands.

This fast paced novella is filled with thrilling twists and turns that’ll keep the reader on the edge of their seat right to the very end. With mysterious humanoid like beings harboring paranormal abilities and action scenes where no one is truly safe, 1986 quickly becomes the adventure of a lifetime.

A Late Autumn’s Dream

Conversational: The black sheep of the “Undying Autumn” -collection, chipped off like a fragment of fall, now here in the form of a dream - a conversation with a troubled man named Mickey.

If anyone’s interested in a reading a murder mystery, please have a look at my debit crime detective novel called Max Hunter: The Dragon’s Nest -’s-nest

When Max Hunter’s parents, the two greatest private detectives in the world are killed in a mysterious fire and their case is closed by the police, Max decides to investigate with his best friend Ethan Flair, a technological genius. But as they probe, they learn that the Secret Order, the world’s greatest criminal organisation who were once extinguished by Max’s parents, have returned and something known as the Dragon’s Nest is at the heart of everything. The Secret Order has eyes and ears everywhere. Suddenly everyone they know is a suspect - nobody can be trusted. Who murdered Max’s parents? What is the Dragon’s Nest? As Max and Ethan work undercover to find out, harrowing events unfold, which change their teenage lives forever…

Thank you!!!

10 years had passed, after the horrifying incident happened at San Bartolome, a small rural town in the Philippines. The past still haunts the locals after the Constantino family, the richest in town, was murdered inside their house, upto this date no murderer or suspects have been found.

The commemoration of this incident, was held every 1st day of July. The townfolks will lit up some candles and put it outside their house, as a remembrance on those family member who had died.

But as night falls, people will shut their windows and locked their doors, because sinister things happen inside the town…



Paranormal Case Nine

What Valeria Alvarez, a young paranormal activities researcher was to find in the little seaside town of Pacific Grove, was more than shocking. It gave many the impetus that all that science purports to know of supernatural phenomenon is yet in its infancy. Follow Valeria and her investigation of an incident which happened on the West coast over a hundred years ago and is still resonating today. Her young subject’s dreams give clues and facts long sought after by authorities and the interested. But what happens when those dreams begin to encroach horrifically upon the life of the researcher herself? This book is a true accounting of that bold researcher’s life-changing and harrowing descent into the unexplainable.

Find it here:

Nathan, Tiffany, and Anthony are only teenagers, the only thing they should have to worry about is school and not if their friend is dead or alive. When Crystal Sanchez first went missing; authorities began an extensive search that lasted months. After a failed attempt at finding her, many considered the worst. Her friends never lost hope, however.

One day, Tiffany discovers something that once again changes their lives. Little did they know that it would also possibly end their lives.



To New York’s Attorney

“Whose DNA was on Lawrence Harrington’s body?” He knew her question wasn’t the result of a friends curiosity.

“Terrence.” Christina’s stomach churned. She was going to be sick; hugging the toilet bowl all night kind of sick.

“That has to be it. You and your officers are looking for a story where there isn’t one. This is all because Terrence called him moments before his murder.”
“Terrence has the motive, Christina, open your eyes!”

. . . . . . . . .

How far will are you willing to go for loyalty?

Christina Gresham is officially in Lawyers’ hell. Just when she thought she’d escaped the past, it found her. That same ugly past that believed her father murdered her twin brother.

Everyone makes bad decisions, Christina Gresham’s worst just happens to go by the name of Barron Harrington, the gorgeous storm grey-eyed detective that’s determined to accost her father for the murder of a well-known author and economist.

Christina would die before she lets her sixty-something-year-old father serve time for a murder he didn’t commit. That doesn’t mean she’s willing to put an end to the hot and sizzling nights with the head of the NYPD task force.

Detective Harrington however, has other plans. Following the murder of his father, the lead detective on the Lawrence Harrington case, Barron is convinced Terrence Gresham orchestrated the assassination. And it wasn’t as if the evidence told him otherwise.

Christina never considered risking her career for her father, risking the law for him–after all, she’d partially believed the story ten years ago. Barron is willing to use this to win his case, he’s willing to play anyone to avenge his father’s grouse murder.


I just published a new story. I hope it will be a success and that people will like it :smile:

Have a nice read everyone!