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▸ [x] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [] simple
▸ title: seldom all they seem
▸ subtitle: the way you did once upon a dream (this is optional if this makes the cover look too cluttered)
▸ author name: lindsay vena
▸ face claim(s): nell tiger free (but it’s based on sleeping beauty, so a blond princess or thief will do)
▸ image ideas / links: so i really love that you bring a darker aspect to your covers, which is what my story is, even though it’s based on a fairy tale. think light and fluffy but with a dangerous edge. (cursive or sharp font, or a mix of both. blurred and sharp images. pink/red color scheme.)
▸ short summary: rory (aurora) is a thief that steals dreams for her sorceress mal (maleficent). she’s never had any trouble with her job until she has to steal the prince’s dreams (philip), because this is the boy she dreams of whenever she sleeps. mal eventually finds out about rory and philip’s little romance and curses philip, and rory has to save him before he falls victim to his own dreams - and nightmares.
▸ genre/mood: whimsical, light, slowly gets darker as the story progresses (you can use either one for the cover since i know it’s difficult to do contrasting moods)


d e l i v e r y



I’m so sorry, but it wasn’t showing before for some reason. It looks really good!Thank you!


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▸ [xxx] manipulated vector minimalist simple
▸ title: the dead dont dance
▸ subtitle: love conquers all
▸ author name: dr_comics
▸ face claim(s): don’t have any…
▸ image ideas / links: https://goo.gl/images/KVC34g and https://goo.gl/images/PScUge
▸ short summary a vampire and werewolf weren’t meant to be. they weren’t allowed to be together but when they found out they were mates, things didn’t go very well…
▸ genre/mood vampire.werewolf/dark



d e l i v e r y

I’ve created multiple versions, the title is behind the wolf in the first (which renders it a little hard to read) so in the second option I have it again at the bottom.




I am beyond greatful, this is so freaking beautiful, thank you


ahh you’re welcome ! ^^


I absolutely love this cover. Thanks you so much


ah i love it!! tysm!! sorry for just getting back to you now, but i’ll be using it asap :slight_smile:



the shop is now temporarily open for my very first Halloween sale!
can’t wait to work on some spooky graphics for anyone who participates :spider:




▸ [X] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [] simple
▸ title: Los murmullos de la Ciudad Muerta
▸ subtitle: n/a
▸ author name: Ona Lovegood

▸ face claim(s): I do not want any famous celebrity, I would like someone walking around London or having to do with London.

▸ image ideas / links: https://i.imgur.com/AhyRGdp.jpg

▸ short summary: It is a story of mystery and murders. It happens in London, someone has started to kill one by one a group of people who witnessed the death of a girl. The killer wears a half moon pendant and he does not know who he is, he seeks revenge.

▸ genre/mood: Mystery

I’m sorry for my bad English, I’m Spanish. Thank you, I love your mystery covers :heart:


canceling request


▸ [x] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [] simple
▸ title: The Intruder
▸ subtitle
▸ author name: Annamarie Sabin
▸ face claim(s): Gemma Chan and Cole Sprouse
▸ image ideas / links: Broken Glass, someone peeking in through a window, a spooky/mysterious house. Basically, anything creepy or unsettling having to do with stalkers or psychopaths.
▸ short summary: Thalia Jones and Jasper Tedesco are instantly drawn to each other. He makes her feel like she’s more than just a pretty face, which is what everyone else in her small town considers her. Thalia can’t help but feel that something sinister is lurking behind Jaspers intentions, though. Is he really who he says he is? And what did she just get herself into?
▸ genre/mood: mysterious, creepy, unsettling, thriller


▸ [x] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [] simple
▸ title: The Consequence
▸ subtitle: Life can change in only one second
▸ author name: Sleepy_Head2
▸ face claim(s): None but the main character has light brown hair and green eyes and she is hispanic
▸ image ideas / links: I was thinking of one side of the girl’s face to be cracked and the other side normal while holding a gun. I am pretty open about ideas so I don’t mind if it’s something different.
▸ short summary: It is about a girl who was in a gang and has to runway from home. She ends up staying with the family and little by little starts to fall in love without knowing that there would be bigger consequences.
▸ genre/mood: dark, action, adventure, romance

I understand if you don’t accept mine and thank you in advance.


Book Cover Request

Type: Manipulated, vector, minimalist, or simple
Title: The Malkavian Masquerade
Subtitle: Short Stories
Author: C.J. Ametrine
Face Claim: Grell Sutcliff (animae character from Black Butler. Grell had long red hair, carries a chainsaw, and has glasses and sharp teeth)
Summary: Shay is a vampire who belongs to the clan of craziness and insanity. In each short story, she goes on a different adventure.
Genera: dark comedy/vampire
Image Ideas:
I would like the image of Grell to be faded and in the background.
Please incorporate the colors red, black, and pinkish-orange into the book cover.

I think this order qualifies for the Halloween discount, however, I will let you decide.


[] manipulated [] vector [x] minimalist [] simple
▸ title: Past Tell
▸ author name: Vivian Lee
▸ face claim(s)
▸ image ideas / links: i think something like my current cover would be good (i made it myself with canva so it ain’t all that fab haha). i think it will be nice to have a black background with a vector or illustration of a mansion or an estate and some pastel colors dripping off either from the windows or just on the ground (you can be creative with this my idea is just black with hints of pastel colors)
▸ short summary: a group of friends invited over to a newcomer’s estate were ready to have the time of their lives before to go off to college. a supposed time of bonding and creating memories turns into a hellish nightmare when the invitation turns out to not be what it seems. after all, paradise is no place for the wicked.
▸ genre/mood: psychological horror


Title: It’s In My Blood
Subtitle: I was a stranger to myself until I met them…
Author’s name: Snigdha Acharya
short summary: ‘I am not one of those who is a Twilight lover or stuffs like that, even I am not one of those who believes the lions fall in love with the lamb’
Evelyn used to think this are just superstitions, but what will happen when she will actually meet one of those, what will happen to her ? how will she deal with it?
Image: I want it to be manipulative, It should be Dark and stylish, the “Blood” word should be written in Red with some droplets of blood beside it. The cover should look mysterious and stylish. I don’t want it to be very simple, you can also give a picture of a mysterious girl behind. I don’t want it to look like a cartoon, It should be realistic. And btw…the color of the girl’s eye should be a mixture of red and green, she should have brown long hairs and red lips. And don’t make the cover Black and white…nor very colorful.
Genre: Vampire

I hope you understood my choice…so please try to make one cover as fast as you can…


Hey @gentlefiend
May I please ask you to edit the Author name to “BroodingCynic” and perhaps make the cover a bit brighter cos it’s somewhat dark?


▸ [X] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [] simple
title: cold creek cabin
subtitle: there’s a monster in the waters
author name: e.s.clifton
face claim(s): harry styles and thomas brodie-sangster. they’re the main characters, but don’t have to be put on the cover unless you’d think it’d work.
image ideas / links: I want the cover to have a misty, winterlike effect, showing a cabin beside dark waters. Dark photos of a killer whale (orca) or a cabin in the winter
short summary: when vacationing in the cold mountains, one boy befriends one of the world’s largest killer whales, not knowing it is wanted for the murder of five people. will he be next?
genre/mood: White, greys, and black / dark and haunting