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you don’t know me, but your story sound badass. nuff said i’ll follow you bro


Thanks man!!I honestly had to think of some plot for the national november writing month lol!


▸ [] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [I think it’s simple? might be manipulated, idk haha] simple
▸ title: The Roaring Twenties: Mobs, Murder and Mayhem
▸ subtitle
▸ author name: Hailey Otten
▸ face claim(s)
▸ image ideas / links: The great gatsby movie poster; I want it to be black and gold, with the geometric designs like on the poster around the edges, and the test BOLD AND GOLD in the Middle of it, the centre focus being the roaring twenties part, the other half of the title is kind of an afterthought and can be a lot smaller. If you want, you could include a black feather overlapping the worlds, but if it looks bad don’t worry about it. This is the poster i mean, but i don’t like the font used (it’s too similar to the designs and blends in too well) click here
▸ short summary In 1923 Chicago, the prohibtion is on and the people are lawless. Gangsters line the streets, and no one is safe, and Eliza DuPont knows only the blissful ignorance of old money. But when Eliza’s uncle dies and the men who swore to protect and serve call it a suicide, she knows someone else pulled the trigger, and it’s up to her to find out who. With the help of one of the street’s own, McErlane mobster Tony, Eliza has to bring her uncles killer to justice, because even in Chicago, even in the roaring 20’s, justice must be served.
▸ genre/mood upbeat, ish?


▸ [] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [X] simple
▸ title Small Wonder
▸ subtitle
▸ author name Cory Matthews
▸ face claim(s)
▸ image ideas / links

A drawing of a robot shape around the girl in the field.

short summary A college student donates her personality to a realistic robot kid to be a child forever.
▸ genre/mood Childhood/robot-ish


▸ [] manipulated [] vector [] minimalist [X] simple
▸ title: This Unexpected Life
▸ subtitle: What is the cost for your curiosity?
▸ author name: Jayy
▸ face claim(s)
▸ image ideas / links

Maybe a girl curled up in a ball? Like her head in her knees. I want it to have a sort of gloomy feel.
Short summary: A girl who has been raped and abused, tries taking her life. She’s sent to a psych ward where more dangers lie

genre/mood: fiction/ thriller

Thank you!


Ahh thank you all for the requests, I wasn’t expecting so many responses! Due to unforeseen circumstances I have not had much access to my computer lately, but I will try to finish all of your requests as soon as I can! (the shop will be closed until I catch up !)


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d e l i v e r y



Than’ks, is amazing♥


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The cover is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to use it! :slight_smile:


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d e l i v e r y



Thank you so much for the cover! I love everything about it except the green and blue color. I want to ask if I can change the color on my own since you are busy.


d e l i v e r y
I forgot to mention in the rules that I do not create covers with anime/cartoon illustrations. However I tried to create something as best I could to match your description otherwise.



I can change it, however you may change it if you prefer ^^


d e l i v e r y
I wasn’t sure if the poster was intended for use or reference for a similar design, but here’s my attempt (using the original poster) -