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Thank you so much. I would like for the background to have like a black tint or for it to be different but dark color so the title can stand out a bit. Something like the Twilight effect.


It won’t let me see it D: I’ll try opening it in another browser <3


I can also send it to you through direct messages if that helps!


That would be perfect :smiley: I’ll do the payment as well - Wattpad’s new layout is goofing up my browsers lol


thanks! just sent it.
yeah the new layout is wild lol


is there a different color you’d prefer as a tint, or would you like it to be black and white?


Dark blue. I liked the colors it had I just wanted it to be darker or something like that so the title can stand out.


ah ok! here’s a few different options ^^



Thank you! I love all of them. I already followed you I just need to comment on your stories now.


ah thanks!


hope this is bright enough, if not let me know



That’s actually pretty close to what I had in mind!! I’ll definitely be using it :slight_smile: thank youuu


I loved it but can you please make the girl a bit more visible, actually I want the face to be the point of attention. I want something else.


It’s wonderful! Thank you so much!


Yeah, this is bright enough. Thanks for the edit, you’re amazing! :smiley:


Hello darling,

I was wondering if you could change the letters of the title so that you understand a little more about the title. Because being a long title means little. If you can not, do not worry, I like it the same :heart:


do you have any reference images for what you’re looking for? maybe similar covers?


here’s a few different text options ^^





Thank’s so much!:heart_eyes::heart: Are amazing​:revolving_hearts:


There are some examples you can use, but I would be happy… if you please make cover with as many as you can… then it will be easier for me to select. And can you please add a subtitle: “I was a Stranger to Myself until I Met them.”