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Omg I love it!!! Would it be possible to make Demonix long ways rather than the text stacked? I’m just curious to how it would look ! They all look so realistic, damn



(right click and view image in new tab for full size)


sure! (and I used a blur effect over images of the models, it gives it a slightly cartoony look but I can remove it if you’d prefer more realism haha)


oh yes, I love this placement a lot!! And maybe a little? I like it, but it’s a little hard to see their faces, especially jason momoa’s! This is so great though, and I love the brick wall in the back, you did awesome!


Hi, just stumbled on your thread and saw that you make amazing graphics. I hope I can request some time. (I’m working still working on my story. lol)



This is beautiful thank you!


glad you like the placement!
here’s a couple versions of different levels of the blur effect, the first has none and the second has about 60%


▸ title: Another Plane
▸ subtitle: From the Memoirs of Dr. Emery E. Loudon
▸ author name: William Presley
▸ image ideas / links: Something like this photo would be kind of cool, where you’re looking into an older asylum. There’s an antique wheelchair facing out a window. The whole image is dark and misty except for said window, through which a supernaturally-bright light shines in.
▸ short summary: Dr. Loudon is a well-respect psychiatrist known for commissioning exorcisms as a treatment for delusions of possession. He views his work in a strictly clinical sense until coming across a group of people he believes may actually be possessed, having opened themselves to another plane by taking consciousness-altering substances.
▸ genre/mood: Gothic Horror
Password: she’s lost control


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ simple
▸ title: Sparrow
▸ subtitle: None
▸ author name: Kim Jaehyung
▸ face claim(s): anybody
▸ image ideas / links : a girl with blond hair and blue eyes, a sparrow
▸ short summary: At the age of three, Jodie Kiln was abandoned on a train heading towards Chicago. On this journey, the little girl crossed paths with a mysterious looking man who took her under his wing and guided her as if he was her father. Providing her shelter in his assassin business.

Now, years later, Jodie is looking for answers. She is on the hunt for her mother and she wants to know the truth behind her abandonment that night. However, what secrets will she uncover along the way?

Join Jodie on her journey of fearlessness and heartbreak as she faces things she never believed she would need to.
▸ genre/mood: Darkish/Action


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
simple (?)
▸ title: Plume
▸ subtitle: none
▸ author name: Lumtrexa
▸ face claim(s): optional (see images)
▸ image ideas / links: story link:https://www.wattpad.com/story/166445731-plume-❄coming-soon❄
swan5 plumee ab1fb4c9ffeb3a6139deeddd912aee4b--hairstyle-men-mens-hairstyles pluu

▸Extra info: Hi again:) I kind of want to use the same male model so I posted his picture in this, but if you have or find another one better feel free to use it as long as they have similar facial features and hair colors its cool with me. Please just use the images I put in here for inspiration, I did try making a cover for this by myself, but I wanted it to be more ballet themed. The story does take place in the city too and the story is based on the ballet swan lake so feel free to use images of swans, the city, ballet things etc.

▸ Color scheme: light pink, shades of shadows, white lettering (or any fitting color really so long as it’s visible)

▸ short summary:There is a tragic kind of beauty the world has ignored. An unstable heart twisted from neglect and abandonment. An unlikely villain. A ballet like no other.
The great big lights illuminated the ballerina and her tutu of white feathers. To the world, she looked like an angel descended from the untouchable towers of Manhattan. Travis knew better. She was more than an angel. A victim, like him. Her off-white eye patch was a shade too light to blend in with her milky white skin.
Travis wanted her wealth. He would pluck her feathers out one by one to get it. He was smarter than the world knew…

Story inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

▸ genre/mood: thriller, dark romance

▸Password: she’s lost control



here are two versions, the first with
the author name and subtitle, and the second without.

(right click and view image in new tab for full size)



here are two versions, with two different color schemes.

(right click and view image in new tab for full size)



here are two versions, with two different color schemes.

(right click and view image in new tab for full size)


Oh my gosh I love them! Thank you so much! I will give you credit!!


I absolutely love it! But would it be possible to move my name up towards the top in the empty space?


Thank you so much! I really like how you did the background with the ballerina’s figure in shadow, amazing as always. I will be changing the cover tonight and doing payment as soon as I finish typing up the chapter I’m on. I think I will be going with the one on the left because the color scheme is so spot on with the feel/tone of the book. Really love the way you did the shadows on his face too. Truly a masterpiece. Have a great weekend:)


Actually, I changed my mind (sorry, I guess I have a strange thought process). The more I look at it, the more I think it’s perfect the way it is. Don’t change a thing! The color scheme, the way the text is back-lit, everything is exactly the way I was hoping it would be. I can’t wait to use it for my story!


alright glad you like it! (:




:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header chapter graphic other (specify)
blend banner
▸ image ideas / links: books and maybe a Netflix show (stranger thing or something) though I want the main focus to be May.
▸ face claims (if any) : PNG I don’t know her name sorry. If you don’t want to use this picture I don’t mind. May is African American and has brown eyes and black hair.
▸ story/thread it’s for: Story, ‘four minutes.’
▸ preferred color scheme. Yellow and black.
▸ any desired text: May Carter.

Thank you! I love your work :blush: