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cover form

I even made it nice looking to get your attention ;)

▸ manipulated

▸ title
A Scheme Of Spirits
▸ subtitle
▸ author name
Nathan Sullivan
▸ face claim(s)
Just don’t use anyone extremely recognizable like Robert downy jr for example.
image ideas / links

▸ short summary
I want the cover to be taken up by a face, like the one above (or something like it that relates to the fantasy genre), which is split in half by two filters. The right side is dark and gloomy (like your noir style), but the other side is white and ghostly (exactly like the image above of the ring wraiths from lotr). And please please make the text clearly visible. Every other cover I’ve gotten you could barely see the text.
▸ genre/mood
dark fantasy


ooooh I like the animated version as well, nice touch!



(right click and open image in new tab for full size)



unfortunately this is the closest I could get to the requested effect.

(right click and open image in new tab for full size)




Oh…um…Andy Biersack? Please? I will give you a cookie! <3


how’s this?


I like it a lot, but is it ok if you edit it a bit? Do you think you could make the title and my name easier to see and higher on the cover? Other than that it’s almost exactly what I was looking for, and I can’t believe you did it so fast! I would do these things my self if I had access to photoshop ;p


how’s this?


Thanks, it’s a lot better :))


Sorry I’m late, I’m still learning the forum. Anyway, it’s not really what I was looking for so I won’t be using it. Thank you for taking the time to do it anyways.


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple ( honestly whatever you think would be best, besides minamilist)
▸ title: The Ascent to Everest
▸ subtitle: n/a
▸ author name: colourlessmo
▸ face claim(s) a half white, half japanese guy, dark hair
▸ image ideas / links: Snowy mountains like Mount Everest on a sharp black and white colour scheme maybe or just a guy wearing earphones at a bus stop with dark colours or also a black and white colour scheme?
▸ short summary: After discovering his father’s dead body at the age of eleven, Everest Kenta’s life completely transforms. His older brother can no longer tolerate his presence, he is rendered friendless and his state of mind, slowly yet surely, begins to deteriorate. The trauma of all of these things combined lead him to distance himself from reality. But as he establishes new friendships and understands what it means to care for other people, he must decide whether to open himself up or to remain alone on a miserable plane where no one can reach him.
▸ genre/mood: Dark



I created three color scheme options

everest2 everest3




Free bump for my favorite thread and my favorite designer :black_heart:


ahh thank you (:




:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header chapter graphic other (specify)
blend banner (whatever your profile header is?)
still GIF
▸ image ideas / links- https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ee/90/30/ee9030778c2e610ccc2562d9b9f4cd93.jpg something like this!
▸ face claims (if any)- none!
▸ story/thread it’s for- Dwindling Darkness
▸ preferred color scheme- red and green vines/roses vibe with lots of black and silver text
▸ any desired text- THANKS FOR READING
▸ desired gif (if any)- n/a

sorry that was a struggle I can’t format apparently


▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple - you decide! i’m not sure what’s easiest/most fun for you c:
▸ title: smoke and silver
▸ subtitle: n/a
▸ author name: Marie McCairn
▸ face claim(s): none!
▸ image ideas / links: i’m up for anything - i really like a green/grey/brown color scheme, maybe with some white and gold? I’m kinda thinking something like a forest, preferably with some crown/queen imagery. honestly, i don’t have many ideas - it’s kinda up to you, if you’re ok with that. Sorry for the ambiguity!
▸ short summary: Tamasine is about to be crowned queen of her country when the kingdom falls under attack, forcing her into hiding with a surly stableboy-turned-guard with his own agenda. The pair is thrust into an unforgiving world full of gods and daemons, each determined to take the crown.
▸ genre/mood: high fantasy - i like mystery/kinda foggy themes, if that makes sense!


:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header chapter graphic other (specify)
blend banner (whatever your profile header is?)
still GIF
▸ image ideas / links- I can find some, but I’m not sure what would look good/ piece together. New york skylines, black roses/ gravestones/ ravens/ gothic cathedrals. I really like my profile one right now, but its too bluish toned and I need something more black and white, and I’m also changing the writing :slight_smile:
▸ face claims (if any) n/a
▸ story/thread it’s for- profile
▸ preferred color scheme- black, white, grey (same color scheme as yours for reference!)
▸ any desired text- Vexful
▸ desired gif (if any)- n/a