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Maybe try a different design? I like the theme its just a little too dark/hard to see


I have a question… do you think you’d be able to create something like this? A interactive TV intro type banner gif?


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple
▸ title: The Forgetmenot Pact
▸ subtitle
▸ author name: Iris
▸ face claim(s)
▸ image ideas / links: A single forgetmenot flower or a small branch of them against a simple white or beige background with the title and my name at the bottom in a simple font
▸ short summary: A broken promise leads to something greater
▸ genre/mood: Kind of desolate and hopeless.
Thank you!


I’ve never made something like that before but I could try?



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here are two design options


Title: MOX NOX
No subtitle
Author: Baxter Wilhelm
No face claims–The antag is described as forgotten by everyone who sees him, face massed in shadows.
Image ideas:
Mystical-and-Surrealist-Paintings-1 Mystical-and-Surrealist-Paintings-14 p12-tanaka-arto1-a-20180606 rene-magritte-l-homme-au-chapeau-melon-no-border_a-l-15280207-0

Summary: Luke Oje, the current dream-god has overstayed his welcome in the job. Higher forces manipulate Elizabeth Hurst into his path. She will follow him into his forest made of sleep, navigate the labyrinthine Manor that he calls home, and claim his dream-giving umbrella for her own.
Genre; Fantasy–fairly dark but highly sarcastic.
Payment Complete


also, not sure if I need the password: Killing Moon



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how’s this?



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hello hellooooooo

:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header chapter graphic other (specify)
blend banner
still GIF
▸ image ideas / links: a cyberpunk, space babe kinda vaporwave, trippy vibe. there’s a lot of vaporwave/cyberpunk aesthetics on tumblr. >> https://www.tumblr.com/search/vaporwave
▸ face claims (if any): none
▸ story/thread it’s for: it’s not for a story, it’s for my profile bc I’M OBSESSED
▸ preferred color scheme: alien colors, like neon purple, green, pink, blue. black (obviously), and maybe white.
▸ any desired text: none
▸ desired gif (if any): none
password: killing moon


Title: Gods, demons and customs of the ancient Slavs
author: Piotrrad
genre: History
images you like me to use: https://cdn.rbth.com/all/2017/08/10/slavic-mythology/heg4bo27u8w.jpg ( but other images with Slavic Gods can be used )
character description and or face claims:
colors: maybe white and red
font: A work describing ancient deities and demons occurring in the Slavic region. Describes old beliefs, rituals, deities, demons, ways of defense against marijuana.

I hope that for the readers it will be a small contribution to the magical world of the Slavs, where the multitude of various creatures was really huge. Thus, for those who will not only be a seed to know the beliefs of their ancestors.

If possible, I would like to ask you for the cover in two languages: English as I wrote above and Polish, because I publish my works in these two languages.

As far as the Polish version of the cover is concerned, it is enough to write the author and the title:Bogowie, demony i obyczaje dawnych Słowian


This is really, really wonderful! Thank you! Is there any way I could get some more blue in there? Maybe the title in blue? Or just a blue filter over it?


I love it thank you!!


I really like the second one, but I have one small request. Do you think it would be possible to remove the “by”? Thank you so much!



here’s both options


of course!


Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to use it and credit you promptly!


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this cover justice, so for now your request is semi-accepted !


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated x vector minimalist simple
▸ title Unknown
▸ subtitle In a sea of stories, mine’s unknown
▸ author name the-misift or evie
▸ face claim(s) Barbra Palvin and Shawn Mendes
▸ image ideas / links dcu2aed-3bf382ef-2cc1-4601-a2b5-103cdf252bcf the two face claims on the cover, with roses around the edges of the cover, as well as thorns. If it’s possible could it have the side of a castle on it as well. It could be a dark tone with something to represent a library within it as well
▸ short summary in the future, Abigail Rookwood must face the wizarding world alone, with the help of a famous boy Teddy Lupin. Everyone sees him as the perfect boy to protect just like his godfather. The two cross paths just as there is danger, they must work together to balance the peace in the world while uncovering the past
▸ genre/mood fantasy, romance, action, mystery


They’re both really wonderful! Thank you so much for your work!