❛ n o i r ❜ a graphic shop [ open 🕷️]



Your work is always well worth the wait :slight_smile: thank you again!


OMG its beautiful!! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much <3


Ah dang! I’m too late to request a graphic, aren’t I?

If so, when are you re-opening?


I can take a request right now if you’re alright with waiting a few days for the graphic !
(I probably won’t officially reopen the shop for another couple of weeks though due to work and upcoming travel plans)




Title: City of Owls
No Subtitle
Author: BroodingCynic
No Face-Claims
Ideas: Black background and have an owl with a domino mask around its eyes as the main image please/
Summary: A messenger for a mysterious crime-lord must solve a murder committed by an elusive serial killer.
Genre/Mood: Supernatural Noir (dark and mysterious)
Password: killing moon
Payment Complete :smiley:




I absolutely love it! However, can I request these minor changes:
White instead of green
Brighter title


I requested the Contagion cover from you awhile ago, recently I’ve changed my name and I really don’t wanna lost this cover. Are you able to change the author name to Saturnah?


how’s this?




Absolutely Perfect!


the shop is now open (temporarily) !




:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple : manip
▸ title : fire meets fate
▸ subtitle :
▸ author name : aditi jain
▸ face claim(s) : zayn malik, danielle campbell, matthew daddario and dominic sherwood
▸ image ideas / links : matt : https://pin.it/5lkzlw2hfhgykf / https://pin.it/xrvwkwf4svh2e5 / https://pin.it/dqob3sib7qgdte / https://pin.it/4iokif7atmh24b / a serious face.

Zayn : https://pin.it/kjw2ax5o6kfl4m / https://pin.it/gshe3s5xhmft7l / any other pictures whwre he is serious or angry.

dom : https://shcastdaily.tumblr.com/post/160630655586/i-dont-have-any-angel-blood-as-far-as-i-know / https://pin.it/s5jckwqlnf2prs / can’t find more, but something with a smirk, or a serious face.

Danielle : https://pin.it/bwecok6i3mbmwg / https://pin.it/u24dix3j5p6t4s /

▸ short summary : the secrets of the past, ruin the relations of tomorrow. Abigail is oblivious of the danger, one person causes to her and her loved one’s.
▸ genre/mood : fanfic / dark.

“Killing moon”

Inspo : https://pin.it/7ue2h3mozmcieq something like this. With Zayn and Matthew (serious face) below where ian and paul are. Danielle in the middle and dominic over her head (smirking) coz he is the bad character.

Can you make one version with gigi hadid, coz i’m still confused with the girl. https://pin.it/xibulfq4vzrefj / https://pin.it/o3bu5nbcn25cl2 / https://pin.it/o3bu5nbcn25cl2 (scared, worried, serious)


heyyyyy love i’m back again. i was wondering, do you make youtube channel banners?

i’m about to request a character banner.


:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header chapter graphic other (specify)
blend banner
still GIF
▸ image ideas / links: looking for some atm
▸ face claims (if any): Anna Diop, preferably a neutral expression
▸ story/thread it’s for: my story called “GLORY”. you made a cover for it :black_heart: (i might request a new one).
▸ preferred color scheme: fall like colors, since that’s where the story starts. red, gold, yellow, orange, brown
▸ any desired text: Nadia (very pretty text pls)
▸ desired gif (if any): —

pass: killing moon
thank you so much in advance, love :black_heart:


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple
▸ title: The Harvest
▸ subtitle: Jellybean Productions Presents
▸ author name: Evan & Cindy
▸ face claim(s): N/A
▸ image ideas / links: images2.nickpic.host
▸ short summary: Samantha has been betrayed by her parents and must now rely on an enigmatic stranger to save her from a terrible destiny.
▸ genre/mood: dark, somber


Yes I could certainly create a YouTube banner ! Just fill out a banner form and put “other” (:


:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header [xx] chapter graphic other
blend [xxx] banner
still [xxx] GIF
▸ image ideas / links : https://66.media.tumblr.com/852eb0a5fa895ed467f7ce112e1d5881/tumblr_phx9b12fLb1vibyp0o1_500.gif
▸ face claims (if any) : n/a
▸ story/thread it’s for : all because of murder
▸ preferred color scheme : https://www.colourlovers.com/palette/4619201/Blood_Stains?widths=1
▸ any desired text : all because of murder
▸ desired gif (if any) : n/a