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:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header chapter graphic other (specify)
blend banner
still GIF
▸ image ideas / links 1 2 3
▸ face claims (if any) Madelaine Petsch
▸ story/thread it’s for Cursed (NOT PUBLISHED YET)
▸ preferred color scheme here
▸ any desired text Lenora Crane
▸ desired gif (if any) N/A
The Shadow Is Cast


the image link you provided isn’t working, do you have any other reference images you can provide?


d e l i v e r y

I created two font options!


d e l i v e r y

sorry the character placement is a little different,
it worked out better with these images.
there’s one version for each of the
female model options.


d e l i v e r y

click here !


I can post links in the thread now! YAY! Here’s an imgur album I made with cover inspiration for you. Thanks for reading my request.

the shadow is cast’.


Oh my god, this is so perfect. Now you’ve made it harder for me to decide. Both are beautiful. Thank you. :heart:

But is there a chance to lighten the shade around zyan and dominic? Coz it’s hard to recognize them.


ahhh tysm <3


thank u so much love. it’s so lovely :black_heart: i’ll request a banner soon


:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship profile header chapter graphic other (youtube banner)
blend banner
still GIF
▸ image ideas / links: i really want kind of a vaporwave, vhs aesthetic to it. static-y. (check tumblr) i’d love for the text to be glitchy or tech-y. tell me if you need more inspo though.
▸ face claims (if any): none
▸ story/thread it’s for: youtube banner
▸ preferred color scheme: purple, green, black, pink, blue, white
▸ any desired text: (please put the text in the center)
tamia daneille
beauty | rants | whatever
be nice of go away

▸ desired gif (if any): none
pass: killing moon
thank u in advance love. i will credit u in my description.


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple
▸ title: Devils and Dust
▸ subtitle: We paint white roses red
Each shade from a different person’s head (if it doesn’t look right, it doesn’t have to be on the cover)
▸ author name: Clarissa La Fey
▸ face claim(s): I don’t actually have many face claims for these, since I wrote this as my own version of Harry Potter (if this makes sense?) Charlie (Weasley) is sam heughan, and (my) Hermione is Zoey Deutch, but minus that I don’t really have face claims, but these two are the main characters minus Harry (played by Noah Centineo) and Sirius (played by Vito Basso)
▸ image ideas / links: i don’t have any images so to speak, but i really like your cover ‘end me quickly’ and was wondering if it was possible for it to be similar to that? i definitely need a castle included since, you know, Hogwarts, but honestly your covers are amazing and i trust you explicitly to know what will make the cover best lol.
▸ short summary: Hermione Granger knew three things. She knew she was the brightest witch of her age. She knew that she had to keep her father safe. And she also knew that she was ready to kill anybody that dared to hurt her best friend, Harry Potter, who had been through and seen far too much already.
▸ genre/mood: genre would be fantasy (magic and all that) but it’s definitely dark, Hermione tunes into Dark Magick and such, and the war is a lot more gruesome than it was in canon.
‘the shadow is cast’


:spider:BLEND / BANNER FORM :spider:
character/relationship [✓] profile header chapter graphic other (specify)
blend [✓] banner
[✓] still GIF

▸ image ideas / links:

▸ face claims (if any)
Vengo Gao and Dilireba Damulrat

▸ story/thread it’s for
Profile Header. Will credit you in the bio.

▸ preferred color scheme
Something along the line of these colour scheme. Pinky colours but it doesn’t come out light and fluffy, but elegant, classic and sophisticated.

▸ any desired text
Text: 三生三世枕上書
OR (in case you do not take different language texts because I understand fonts are hard to stylised with them.)
Text: re-write the stars. (In elegant fonts.)

▸ desired gif (if any) N/A

Password: the shadow is cast.

Thank you so much. :heart:


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple
▸ title Devils and Dust
▸ subtitle: The Magickal World and It’s Information
▸ author name: Clarissa La Fey
▸ face claim(s)
▸ image ideas / links: something about fantasy, like dragons flying around whilst a girl reads a book (if possible, could the book look vintage and/or old?)
▸ short summary: a place for information on the Magickal world you don’t always get to see, varying from spell translations to your favourite characters familiars and what they mean, or patronus’ and much more!
▸ genre/mood: Fantasy/Magickal
‘the shadow is cast’


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple : manip
▸ title : the love that remains
▸ subtitle :
▸ author name : aditi jain
▸ face claim(s) : zayn malik and selena gomez
▸ image ideas / links : https://pin.it/m4dbpddisbbhcy - maybe on the sides, black and white zayn and selena, both sad, and in the middle, them, smiling or sad.

https://pin.it/kdljzcxijjjk4m - maybe their Polaroids, smiling or sad.

▸ short summary :

“Was I stupid for falling in love with you or stupid for believing you were falling just as hard ?” she asked him, her eyes wet with tears, sparkling under the light of the moon, wanting the answer from him.

They were over, yet there was a spark between them. :heart:

▸ genre/mood : fanfic / dark-ish light.

‘The shadow is cast’


ah I’m glad you like them ! unfortunately I won’t be able to make them more visible unless I use different images of them


Okay, that’s all right. I’ll be using this cover with Gigi. :heart:


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated vector minimalist simple: Simple
▸ title: Secretly Crushing On My Bestfriend
▸ subtitle:
▸ author name: StellarAtHeart
▸ face claim(s):
▸ image ideas / links: Maybe you can add a girl and a boy in the center of a picture that are facing the back. 78D3C2V
(this is a cover of my old story in my other accout.)
▸ short summary:A girl who hides her feeling towards her bestfriend. Will she just accept the fact that they are not for each other or will she confess her feeling to her bestfriend?
▸ genre/mood: Teen Fiction. Something that is light to the eyes.


:spider: COVER FORM :spider:
▸ manipulated
▸ title: Home
▸ subtitle: Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction
▸ author name: Laura Ann Lee
▸ face claim(s) Louis Tomlinson
▸ image ideas / links: I was thinking something similar to this but use Louis Tomlinson and Sky or this Sky
(preferably short hair) I was also thinking of the background on Sky’s side could be an alleyway; Louis’s side could be a nice London background. I would like the font to be in a readable cursive.
▸ short summary: Haven’t fully written it yet.
▸ genre/mood: Fanfic/Gloomy
The shadow is cast’


d e l i v e r y

I’m not sure this does your examples justice,
but I really liked ‘Wandering Wild’ and ‘Carolina Reckoning’
and created some options inspired by those ^^


d e l i v e r y