Name a Kpop/Kdrama/Anime ost with the last letter

Yup, name a song with the last letter, but the song HAS TO BE a Kpop/Kdrama/Anime ost. Who knows, we may find our soulmates here.

Unravel -Tokyo ghoul

Dang, I was trying to find a BTS song starting with Z but I can’t… (Sad day)
I don’t know any anime ost either. They are all up there in the top 10.

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Well, it doesn’t always have to be bts…there are some really good songs by other kpop bands too.For instance- Zimzalabim by Red velvet.

Are you an ARMY?

Haha I know. I only got into Kpop this year so I only listen to about three groups.
There is Zero by GOT7.

Oh. But, why do you need songs starting with Z?

I thought you said with the last letter? Am I getting this wrong? Sorry, I always see these type of threads, but I never know what to do.

Oh my! You are so pure.:joy: It means the last letter of the song the previous one said. I said “Unravel”, so you have to write a song name that starts with " L".
*patting your head I like the way you think

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haha sorry :sweat_smile:
Wanna One ~ Light

The truth untold -BTS

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BTS ~ Ddaeng

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Gogo- BTS

Ahh geez, I don’t know any with o

lol u r as pure as tae-tae hehe

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I wanna join!!!

Oh My - Seventeen

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You in me- Kard
Thanks for joining :purple_heart:

Everybody - SHINee

Yes or yes- twice

Sunrise - ATEEZ

Euphoria- jk

Angel - KNK