Name my event.

I have an event in my book that needs a better name than “the incident” since it’s critical to the book and a historical event. A group called the Council took over the government 12 years prior to the story. It’s not a violent event as only the queen and 2 of her guards die swiftly and quietly by poison and the children are sealed away.

An example I can’t get out of my head is the Great Hall Tragedy from Grancrest Senki.

  • The palace is called Norma Esther.

  • The town is called Takiran.

  • The family line is Cunningham.


This sounds like a coup.

Most are just referenced by the year “The Coup of 1723”.

Some of the older, more famous ones have names eg “Rum Rebellion”, “Prides Purge”, “Glorious Revolution”, “Boston Revolt”.

Here’s the full list to give you some ideas:

isn’t not violent, though…

A coup doesn’t necessarily need to be violent, though, personally, I would call poisoning the queen and guards violence.

I guess.

@SWKata I also think it should have a name since year wouldn’t make sense here or be significant enough.

Which part are you guessing to?

Coups literally don’t have to be violent – they’re an illegal uprising to overthrow a government.

Didn’t know that.

The Takiran Coup

The coup at Norma Esther.

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