Name only one location in response to the one before you.

The story begins inside a DUNGEON

Where will the next scene happen?

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By logical progression and by leaning into the worst that could happen, I’d say the next scene is in the execution chamber.


You can go as unlikely as you want in the game. Logical progression is for another day. But, I like a romance brewing in an EXECUTION CHAMBER

What comes next?

Well, who are the people in the romance? I’m leaning toward the jailer and prisoner, or possibly the prisoner and the person who got them in jail in the first place.

Or it could be two rats! I once read a beautiful romance story between two snails in a wonderful book called I am an Animal, Viskowitz

Currently, we are just collecting locations.

The snail’s story was about beating their speed at which they move to meet their mate or to love oneself as a hermaphrodite. Extremely interesting conflict. Terribly funny and moving

Execution chamber

Then the next move they make is to jump off of the roof, into the abandoned woods surrounding the house they were in

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And in those abandoned woods is a gnome’s lair

And outside that gnome’s lair is the GNOME’S OUTHOUSE, which is predictably too small for human use.

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but, with no other choice, the couple has to crawl into the outhouse hole, which brings them into an underground sewer

dont ask my why there is a sewage system in the woods… there just is

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hurt, yucky and smelly they land up at an obsessively clean room with white walls and floors

Only to end up in stocks in the town square, when the obsessively clean owner finds them and screams their head off about intruders.

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But wait! The stocks are unlocked so they run into the nearest building which happens to be a pickle-bottling factory.

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In the forest. While on a hike. When you are extremely tired, but still pushing yourself.

The pickle bottling factory turns out to be some willy Wonka chocolate factory type shit, so they end up trapped inside a giant pickle jar

A public bathroom.

I think it’d make a nice skit.

One girl on the phone with her mother in one stall.
The other being woo’ed by misinterpreting the situation in another stall.

The first one is dealing with something difficult over the phone.
The other empathizes and helps her through it.

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which they escape by hiding in a literal pickle

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But then, a giant takes that same pickle and eats it!!! Now they are stuck in the giants stomach

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The giant was unable to digest them, so when he took a shit they fell outta his ass landed in the toilet and got flushed down the drain. But the drain got clogged and they are now stuck together with a bunch of shit