Name The Song With The Last Letter



Saturn - Sleeping at Last (What’s ur fav song by them?)


Never Surrender - Skillet (Either Believer or Warrior. You?)


Rollercoaster - Bleachers (Cool, I like Believer! Mine has got to be Shots (: )


Rainbow Veins - Owl City (Cool)


Silence - Marshmello (I love Owl city too! What’s your favourite song by him?)


Everybody Hurts - Avril Lavigne (I don’t know if I can pick a favorite from Owl City. I really like Be Brave and Back Home. Also I like Marshmello too)


Shake it off - Taylor Swift (I’m gonna run out of songs that start with ‘S’ soon. I haven’t heard of those songs before, I’ll go check them out soon!)


Faded - Alan Walker (I was running out of songs that start with “e”)


Dance with me tonight - Olly Murs


Thnks fr th mmrs - Fall Out Boy

Edit: Sorry I didn’t realize the song ends with s


Sugar, we’re going down - FOB (Yes! I love FOB)


Novocaine - FOB (Same!)


Expensive Mistakes - FOB ( xD )


Silhouette - Owl City (and now I’m back to owl city)


Electricity - Nathan Hartono (Whoa, you know tons of Owl City songs.)


Yellow Submarine - The Beatles (Yep, and I can sing along to most of them too.)


Everybody Talks - Neon Trees ( 0_O, do you listen to Beautifuls Times by Owl city? Or shooting star? You probably do but just curious)


Saltwater Room - Owl City (Shooting Star, yes. Beautiful Times, no.)


Melodies - Madison Beer


Sleight of Hand - Natewantstobattle (This was fun, but I gtg to bed now. Bye)