Name the Title, Describe the Plot (Game!)



Hey guys,

I had an idea for a game, here are the rules: Person A comes up with a title, Person B describes briefly what that book or movie would be about, then suggests their own title, and so on.

First title: A Roguish State of Mind


Ignore this if you’re not interested but I thought you might find this fun @melodiccnightowl xD


(Ooo this looks interesting. ;o)


I love writing summaries, just not the actually writing them.

Our main character is a druggee who finds a dealer one fateful morning. They offer them a new type of drug. When the character takes it, they develop a sort of multi-personality disorder where the reasoning and thinking parts of their brain develop an entirely new voice in the character’s head. The story would be the character struggling to fight and overcome this new part of them that is tryting to take over their body.

Here’s mine:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions


Haha. I know exactly what you mean.

Ooooooh… that sounds really interesting, I love stories where somebody is struggling against themselves, or another entity living inside them… :smiley: That’s awesome.

Summary: A woman who is recovering from alcohol addiction joins a support group for others going through withdrawal. She meets and begins to fall for a sexy stranger who still struggles with his addictions, and confesses to slipping up nearly every weekend. She wants to help him, so she offers to spend the next weekend with him to help him overcome his addiction. However, when she does, she finds out that he is in actuality a demon lord who must continue to sin every seven days or he will lose his immortality.

Title: The Root of All Evil


A hole new meaning to the saying

So, our protagonist is lives in a dystopia society. Not like a “everything’s great, but we’ve been lied to” dystopia, this dystopia is a dirty, poverty stricken society. The people who profit off the population’s misery will be hunted down by the protagonist and a group of rebels. When they face off against each villain, they’ll learn each one were good people before the main villain, the mastermind of it all, got a hold of them. The story would end when the characters succeed in over throwing the main villain.

A tale of steam and steel I’m actually working on a story under this title but it’s nowhere near finished. Like, chapter one only has one paragraph.


Sounds cool dude…

Ok so a bunch of kids end up in a train car together on their way to somewhere. The train crashes but instead of everyone dying they end up in the past, and meet a group of time travelers from the future that got stuck. However the time travelers end up dying somehow and now the kids have to find a way to get back home. The only way to do that is to reverse the train crash, which involves going back in time and preventing the train from ever being invented. That doesn’t happen and everyone supposedly dies, only to find out that they were transported into the future and the story ends in a cliff hanger.

Title: Nightmares with daydream eyes


It’s about a girl/boy who can lucid dream. He/she uses this power to help people in a way; making them either sleep better, or learn more about what is happening with his/her enemies/people he/she loves and finding ways he/she. While with that power they can also use illusion, for the daydream aspect. (I know this is so horrible XD)

Title: Penumbrae


Story: (This ones hard and probably way off but here we go) Every planet is represented by some form of god or goddess who rules their planet. Every month, the Meeting of the Solar Systems occurs and they construct a plan to further develop their societies. In the first meeting of the year 3087, a new goddess shows up along with a new god, one representing the sun and the other representing the moon. What happens when the Sun and Moon god/godess don’t agree with the rest of the planets and reign havoc on The Solar System.
Lol that’s so bad, but whatevaaaa

Title: Beneath the Grave


Plot : Beneath the ground lays a civilization of ghosts, outcast in life and in death. They are not the only civilization of ghosts, but the others despise the very thought of them. The Outcasts are forbidden from breaching the surface, where The Living and The Haunters reside. Even more forbidden is seeking the clouds, where The Angelic rest. But one day a young Outcast breaks these most sacred laws, and frees themself from the bounds of the underground, only to find horror above.

Title : Fighting the Abyss


Plot: IT consumed nearly everything. Swallowed majority of earth in one massive bite. We found shelter on what little land remains, with a population of only a hundred and fifty. Food is scarce, and disease runs rampant. In our desperation we concluded that a group of able people will fight back - but how does one fight back against a shadowy mass?

Title: Where The Shadows Walk


Shadow demons walk the planes, some evil and some not so evil. A girl accidentally stumbles upon these so-called demons, striking a deal with one of them to help save her family. Little did she know that deal would lead to a whole lot more.

Title: Dancing Stilettos