So I have these two characters, right? Girlxgirl story, one is the bad girl, one is… another bad girl! Girl 1 lives in this kind of small town and is used to being intimidating. Girl 2 has never even seen this town before, but the night before school starts she wrecks her car just outside of city limits. This ain’t just some wreck. This is a ‘screaming down the freeway backwards at ninety miles an hour, hitting the guardrail, flipping, and then hitting a tree’ wreck. She has no family, so one of the EMTs kind of adopts her for the time being.

This EMT lives next door to Girl 1.

Girl 1 is not happy with this mysterious new girl who comes and absolutely usurps her role and gives no fucks about her feelings. They start off on the wrong foot, but eventually you know their flaming fucking hatred will turn to love.


One advantage to lesbians is that all ya gotta do is select a fuck ton of girl names and chuck them into a poll, and you can ask the lovely people of Wattpad to choose for you!

Do me a huge favor and select a few name possibilities (to pair with Allerton, Teague, Gilligan, Singer, or Tchoumi as last names):

  • Arsinoe
  • Bellamy
  • Candy
  • Griffin/Gryffin
  • Ithaca
  • Levity
  • Lucky
  • Pluto
  • Sutton
  • Tuesday

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Thoughts? I’d love to hear 'em!


How many would you like us to choose?


I believe I set it up to four? I kinda forgot lol


I probably should of tried before I asked xD


It said five sorry for asking xD


Also, if anybody has some generic small-town store names they want to chuck at me, I need some of those too lol