Names, Names, Names...

Hey everyone,

I need names for characters. Any and all characters: dad’s, mom’s, bad ass girls, soft guys, annoying siblings. I stock pile a list of all these names and when I come up with a new character I sift through the one that fits the best. As of right now my stockpile is low and I’m finding myself reaching for the same names over and over again.

So please help me! Give me a name, one you like or the name of someone special in your life. If you want include why you like the name or why you suggested it. I’m always looking for character ideas.

Thank you all for your help.

Do you need last names too?

This is the website I use for most of my naming purposes:

I don’t really use last names all that often. Thank you for the link, I will check it out :slight_smile:

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You is welcomes. :slight_smile: It helps a ton. It has like, common, average and rare names so you get a galour of different names to choose from.

I always check google for interesting sounding names, for example search names for boys or girls on google and it will list hundreds.

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hago lo mismo a veces

I do that so often that people have probably begun assuming I’m having a baby and I always find myself picking similar ones. I have trapped myself in a world of nature inspired names like Willow and Violet and I can’t seem to claw out.

Adam? robert, Juan, Ronnie

:joy::joy: People know I write so they don’t question when I am on a naming website, thankfully. It would be weird to tell them “yo i’m not pregnant. i am a kind of pregnant, but not actually.”

Oh I love Juan and Robert, thank you :smile:

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My characters are my children haha

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Saaaaame. They are my loves. :heart:

your welcome

I speak spanish , ummm more or less the lenguage Inglish

download a babyname book app, it’s vital :slight_smile:

I often use a mix of names, Phonix is the name of one of my characters. He’s a crossdressing, schizophrenic, cannibal warlord. I was inspired to create him after watching documentaries on Liberia and how paramilitary groups and tribal warlords often go to war dressed in wedding dresses or wearing eccentric clothing. Some of these warlords go to war naked such as the infamous ‘General Butt-naked’ i’m honestly not making this up. It sounds funny but they often use child soldiers and are vicious fighters, who eat their enemies in order to gain their power and energy as they believe in voodoo magic etc… So many of my characters names are quite exotic and powerful to represent the tortured and fearsome person behind the name.

I will certainly check it out, thank you :slight_smile:


That is crazy I’ve never even heard of something like that. Also a wildly impressive way to come up with a name.

Serephina _ female, Hebrew origin
Meaning- fiery one

Charis _ female, Greek origin
Meaning- grace and beauty

Aurelia_ female, origin unknown
Meaning- golden

Lydia_ female, Greek origin
Meaning- beautiful one, Noble one

Naida_ female, Greek origin
Meaning- water nymph

Otsana_ female, origin unknown
Meaning- She-Wolf