I’ve seen a NaNoWriMo support group before around so I thought why not a NaPo? For the poets who don’t know about it NaPoWriMo is National Poetry Writing Month which happens to be in April. Looking at it from now we still have a long time ahead of us but we can never be too early. So! Here are few starter questions to get this talk started, feel free to go away from the discussion questions and ask questions of your own too.

Did you hear about NaPo before?
What are your thoughts about it?
Interested in joining this year’s NaPo?

To be fair this is the first time I used questions when I create my own topic so feel free to add on to it. We could talk about anything poetry related here be it writing them or what caused you to write them.


ops dops I think the questions don’t work for a support group lol

so to whoever stumbles upon this thread:
Talk your mind. You might start a fire of talks.

I heard about it once but I still used the NaNo website so… Idk :shrug:

It’s great that there’s one for poetry :slight_smile:

Don’t you mean next year’s? We’re in August :rofl:

lol yeah next year’s I already did this years lol

NaPo doesn’t work in the NaNo website they have one of their own but it basically says do it wherever you want lol

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Well you can pick to have instead of a word count, a line count, so that’s something?

hmmm well napo is to write one poem a day so you will end up with 30 poems by the end of the month not sure how the NaNo site would work with that

I don’t know either.
And one poem a day is pretty… generic. I mean one poet could write two lines and call it a poem and another write a two pages long poem.

There isn’t a word goal like there is with NaNo, right? It does sound interesting though, but I’d never heard of it before…

nope just a poem count
one poem a day

@FetchingPenumbra yup it could be any length but still it is easier that the short story version of NaNo XD

Yes that’s true :rofl:

up to trying short story a day? :joy: I tried it wasn’t pretty at all

Lmao it would end up with 10 words per day or something

wow those are really short ones :joy: how do you plan for them to read like a story?

A short story a day? How???

I don’t I was kidding :rofl:

well that is May for you lol idk how people do it but I gave up mid way if I can even call it that mine ended up as scenes more than a story lol

@FetchingPenumbra thinking about it it is like the one sentence horror story lol

Yes basically :rofl:
There are so many “X word stories” on Wattpad too.

Oooo :open_mouth: I didn’t land on such stories yet

I had in the past

hmmm were they good?