Nasty Critiques


Nasty Critiques

will critique anything, mostly focusing on the content and diction; may not always be right or polite, reply below or pm to request; payment is a follow.


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Do A caregiver’s last lesson!


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I have a story called The Burden of Broken Hearts, which is completed with 18 chapters.

It’s a novella written in form of letters, diary entries and notes.


It began on a dangerously cold night, when Mr. Dolling, a prominent doctor meets Ms. Potter, a strange and unannounced visitor with a curious proposition.

What will happen when Mr. Dolling accepts the increasingly strange voyage? As he travels to a place long forgotten, he must solve the mystery surrounding the people there, and uncover an ancient secret before he is discovered.

“Life isn’t a fairytale but we can make it like a fairytale.”


Do you mind looking at my work Vestimortis?

Here is the link:



Cara, a broken girl is forced to marry Neil Nolland, the ruthless billionaire.
Having faced torturous treatments before, she is sure he is going to hurt her.

As opposed to her belief, Neil isn’t going to hurt her. He might even be in love with her.
Will she accept him, knowing his dark past, crushed by her own?

Will she fall for this self-confessed monster?

He knelt before me, and I froze, knowing just he was about to do.

“Neil,” I pleaded. “No.”

He remained unspeaking, his eyes trained on mine as he kissed my navel. I clenched my thighs, wet heat pooling low in my belly. I gasped as he reached forward, trailing kisses along my waistline, tears leaking my eyes when I realized that he was kissing my scars.


“Yes, goddess?”

“My safe word,” I spoke breathlessly. “Icarus.”

Trope, billionaire cliché?
I think not, Messieurs & Mademoisellez.

Mature Romance - Mature Audience [18+] - Strong Language - Sexual Content - Trigger Warning

#187 in Romance ❧


I’d be really cool if you could give me some honest critique for my story, I just want to get better with my writing…


@RPS720 @bidiyakdamian @AlyssaVienesseTan Done.

@hatefuls33 @hannahjockey @artistaherby your works have been queued and will be critiqued once payment is completed :blush:

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I would love to hear your thoughts on my story, Death’s Assassin. I’ll post the link and synopsis below!

Many years after the human race nearly wipes itself out, society has rebuilt itself under the watchful eye of the Supreme Intelligence, an artificial intelligence created as a means to save the human race. In this world, now known as ‘New Earth’, the Supreme Intelligence has eradicated all hunger, disease, and pain. Even dying is nearly impossible. But not entirely.

Enter Evangeline, a young adult struggling to find her place within this supposed perfect world. After being found on the brink of death and deemed unsavable by the Supreme Intelligence, she is granted what is called the ‘last phone call’ in which a dying human’s consciousness is linked to the person of their choosing in order to say their final goodbyes. But when Evangeline’s choice defies the impossible in both life and death, she is forced to face the consequences of her decision including a deal with Death itself that she cannot refuse.





If you could look at my book somebody to you that would be great I’m trying to get ready for the wattys so I need all the help I can get.


@hatefuls33 @artistaherby @phattimaddi done


Thank you!

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@imtotallynotokay @hannahjockey works have been queued and currently awaiting payment


Payment completed

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Thank you!

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