Need a Beta Reader for a Paranormal Play/Musical (Payment included)

  • Title: Beta Reader
  • Genre and sub-genres: Paranormal, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Religious Themes
  • What am I looking for: I am looking for someone to read the entire first Act I (10 scenes, plus music lyrics) at the very least or the entire play (plus an additional six scenes and seven songs) and then answer a few questions (some questions may require in depth answers).

The Questions: (You can either answer the questions in a direct message or inline where it is applicable).

  1. Are there any plotholes?
    This is the most important question. I am well aware that the religious angle seems to come in out of the blue–I will introduce it earlier when I do my rewrite.

  2. Do the character arcs make sense? Are there any character arcs that seem unresolved? Are there any other character issues that prevent you from connecting to them or to the story?

  3. Are there any other big picture suggestions you have for the story (aside from the fact that the second act is not well developed)?

Payment: I will either beta read your story or complete a detailed critique of 1 chapter (You Beta Read my First Act Only) or 3 chapters (You Beta read Both acts).

Please respond to this ad and wait for my reply before beginning the beta read.

Thank you in advance!

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I’ve taken extensive playwriting classes and would love to do this. It sounds like fun.

I’m not super educated when it comes to plays, but I do love anything paranormal. I’d love to help out.

My format probably isn’t 100 percent, and the second act needs a lot of work, but I’m just looking for overviews, big picture issues, for a developmental edit. While I don’t mind some basic suggestions on format, I am mostly concerned with the overall plot and character development. Is that something you’re comfortable with?

That’s okay! As I stated above, I’m really looking for a developmental critique–just big picture comments. That’s why it’s so important for a beta reader to read the entire thing rather than commenting on individual chapters.

Do you have a preference between beta reading or a critique for the payment?

I will be happy to. I was a theatre arts major with playwrighting emphasis, have extensive experience in both playwrighting, acting and directing. I’ve also participated in a number of playwrighting workshops where we tear apart scripts.

Please send it my way.

And I looooooove paranormal shit. That is my genre

Just keep in mind that I am looking to do a developmental edit at this time only, so I’m not sure my script is at the tearing apart stage. I’d like to focus on the big picture–the plot, the overall character development, etc. This musical needs a lot of work, and I know that, so I’m not looking for an in detail critique on each scene at this time. As long as you’re okay with that and can keep the feedback mostly focused on the questions I pose, then I would love to hear your take on my play!

Do you have a preference between a beta reader (entire book and answering a few questions or giving an overall reaction or a shorter critique) for the payment?

I’ll PM to not fill up this thread

What’s your username? I can’t find you on the app

It’s AndieCampbell. I’m getting the link for the play. You can message me from that. Wattpad’s just being really slow.

I am happy to give you whatever you request. I am merely describing what I have done in the past.

I can read both acts

My story is only 3 chapters so far so a beta read would be nice. It wouldn’t take you very long, they are short chapters.

The Vampire King

All right. As long as you’re okay with that. This might take you awhile, so I don’t mind critiquing the chapters, but I understand that that isn’t always helpful early in the writing process. This play isn’t ready for a critique, which is why I’m looking for beta readers right now.

Do you have any particular questions you want me to answer, or do you just want me to give you my general reaction and just an overall critique of what I notice? This means that I would probably briefly touch on several elements–some mention of grammar (just overall), plot, character, point of view, etc.

The link to the play is a couple posts up from this one.

I don’t have any specific questions so your gut reaction would be awesome.

All right. Sounds good. I will put your story on my to do list for this week.

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Which book did you want me to read? You have several on your profile.

Unparalleled Desire

It has both vampires and witches in it so you may like it.