Need a beta reader for Teenfiction (LGBTQ)


I am looking for beta readers for my story “Getting Wilder” which is a fun, boy love story with deeper implications. I will leave the blurb below, do let me know if setting any arrangement is possible!

Title: Getting Wilder
Genre: Teenfic romance
Blurb: The three fundamental laws of Northwood High were clear.

A rumour in motion tends to remain so unless asked to shut up.

The amount of respect you receive equalled popularity.

And the third, and the most supremely infallible one, Wilder Collins was the best kisser ever.

After verifying the third law, Nico finds himself in the middle of his strong unrequited feelings for Wilder, a brewing scandal and secrets that threaten to rip them apart again. He struggles against the negative attention and tries to win Wilder back.

But of course, every little thing goes wrong.


Cool. I would love to help. Pm me in Wattpad. The link to my account is here in my bio.

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Awesome! I messaged you :heart:


Yes, you do. ‘Teefiction’ :thinking:

Yes I do what :eyes:

You misspelled teenfiction in the title

Would totally help but . . . still catching up with Amethyst, lol. And I seem to spend most of my life looking at gifs of flying squirrels.

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Ohhhh thanks lol

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Don’t blame ya :")

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I also write LGBTQ/Teen Fiction and I’m really happy to help! Feel free to message me if your interested!

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Sorry. My bad sense of humor got the better of me.

Rather mean :stuck_out_tongue: I assure you my ‘Teefiction’ is better than how I might have made it appear

It probably is, but unfortunately not my taste, so sorry. At least I managed to help you improve your spelling :slight_smile:

Agreed. I would be utterly lost without your wisdom.

Ouch. Touche! :slight_smile: