Need a beta reader!

Hey guys!! I need a beta reader for my completed Fanfiction.

Russian Roulette

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    Aiming for your heart now, love is game!!

“Its one or five!” They come up with most unique and scary theory causing everyone to gasp in fear.

5 best friends who seems to do anything for each other but what will happen when they found out they love the same guy and the guy can be with only one of them.Fear of losing their love, they decided to play a game named Russain Roulette where they have to kill each other but in the end only one would live? Who would be able to survive?

*A permanent follow from me
*I will give shoutout of your profile on my message board.
*I will read your book (As many chapters as i can)

I am interested.
Can I know how much chaps it is? And where can I read? Are you reachable on other chat service? Since wattpad’s is awful. Can’t even send pic.

Also do you mind I give feedback per chapter then all chapters?

Also can 1 payment be changed?? Since my book not in english.

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There are total of 14 chapters with 2 are just cover thanks and cast so technically 12 chapters.
And yes i can send you everything through Google docs.
And its okay if you give feedback per chapter.
Other than that, regarding book reading payment, you can change it but i have to look first that if i can do it or not so we will sort out these things.

Oh I do not mind regarding where I read. But as in where I send the feedbacks. Can it be via email?
I will also give feedback on the overall story but I will after the 12th feeback. Since I like seeing my impression per chapter basis with overall impression if I beta read.

And my payment is add 1 book to your public reading list (a bit later not published yet), shoutout of my profile, shoutout of 1 my story (later), dedication on 1 your chapter, credit, and permanent follow.

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Alright, you can give your feedback on dm of wattpad too, otherwise i don’t have any problemsl with feedback through email too. So you are hired.

Okay. Then I choose via email. On wattpad there is 2000 characters limit
-_- .

Can you send your email via pm?
Along with the link to read.

Another question, do I need to know the fandom??

And you can roll out the payment of shoutout profile, follow, dedication, halfway after I finished feedbacks/ch 6.

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Okay, so your username same as here on wattpad too?
Morever, there is no need to know about the group or fandom because its basically mystery story so i don’t think you need to work on it.

You just need to scrape off the “writers” and and add “ser” to the “u”.

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