Need a Book Cover for your story??? {closed for catch up)


I have done multiple book covers and I love making them. Leave me the name of your story and what ideas you have or aspects you’d like in a cover for your story and I will do my best to make them a reality!

Payment: No Payments necessary. If you want to give me a follow that would be awesome but you don’t have to. Thanks! :pray:


Firstly, I think its great that u are helping out.

Name: Calradia.
Background: Black and red or just black.
Author name: Don Alpha.
Genre: fantasy.
Objects on cover: Golden Crown and sword with book name also in gold and author name at the bottom.


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Title: Dance of Stars
Subtitle: A Complete Guide To The World of Legend
Author Name: Angel Durham
Genre: Random/Fantasy
Ideas/Inspo: What I was thinking is it could look like a really old, worn book, but have symbols like a crescent moon in the center, stars, I dunno, it is a book of lore, so I don’t know what to have for a cover

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Title: Fake Love
Subtitle: “This isn’t real. This is fake. This isn’t love. It’s fake love.”
Author Name: WhyDontWe1of5
Genre: Fanfiction
Ideas: I was thinking it would look a little sad or rustic but if you cant do that its fine!

Thank you for helping us out by making these!

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Title: Silent Storm
Subtitle: The worst storms are generally the ones we cannot hear or see. ( open to suggestions)
Author Name: Kylie_Marie26
Ideas: I was thinking like by the ocean or one a cliff. Not really sure. Anything that would go good with the title I guess. I did blues because I thought it was fitting at the time but I does not have to be.

Thank you for at lease considering!

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Something like this?

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Something kinda like this? I was having troubles with finding something clean with the symbols you were looking for, but I can keep looking too.


I’m gonna see if anyone else can do it, but thank you for your time and consideration




Okay, thanks!

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Title: Nothing Lasts Forever Except Me
Author Name: Michelle du Toit
Genre: Fantasy/Fanfiction
Ideas/Inspo: I was thinking just Kristen Stewart with a textured background
This is an after New Moon fanfiction.
I was thinking of this for the text placement
You can change the font and sizes


Yes, this will do. Thank you very much.

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Does this look okay?


How’s this?


name: young and dumb
background: dark blue and a light yellow
author: skyebliss00
genre: romance
objects on cover: cowboy boots and a boy with his arms around a girl



I also made this one, even though it is a little different than what you asked for, but I kinda liked it.

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oh my gosh thank you so much I love it!!!


I need a real, sci-fi space themed picture. Something bold, eye catching. At the same time, I need it modern and simplistic. Are you up for the task?


Name Blackout
Author name RaphaelaLee

Genre Horror Short Story

I envisioned the cover as having the two African American teens Ann and John Baker sitting in front of a television with a simple white screen on its display while they are surrounded by hideous and scary monsters one of which is a supposedly cute cartoon panda character named Silly Sam. I tried to make it myself but when I got it rated it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. I thought maybe you could do a better job this time.