Need a Book Cover for your story??? {closed for catch up)



Here are some options, the later three don’t have any filters on them just simple edits


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Here are a few ideas


there really good but could you maybe do a different font?


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the second picture or the first one


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Name: Dragon Tales: Golden Blood
Background: Black.
Author name: Piotrrad
Genre: fantasy.
Objects on cover: I thought of a dragon, maybe a golden dragon that appears in the novel, or a warrior something like a wicker well built with a wound from which golden blood flies like in the main character.



Name: Tales of the Underworld
Background: Black
Author name: beauty
Genre: paranormal
Objects on cover: skulls, dark castles, underworld type things


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I think the last one is very good. However in the story the siblings are sitting on a couch while they are watching tv. Do you mind changing the thing with the sheets to be a couch instead? If not I understand.


I have decided to go elsewhere for this request. :slight_smile: Post deleted.


Story name: Death with a side of clam chowder
Author: Nuclear Potatoes

Story is sci-fi/ mystery
Mood: dark
Main character: light green eyes and brown curly hair, average face, very dirty appearance due to living in a very poor situation.

General info:
Humanity has spread far amoung the cosmos after earth was desimated by greed and mother nature.
Character lives in a very distant future on one of those planets that has been nearly destroyed due to corrupt organizations much like the original home planet.

Creative freedom for cover otherwise

Book description:
After the sudden deaths of her family, Isabelle is thrust into a world that is cruel and unjust. Her extended family treated her as little more than a servant and her fathers precious company is in the hands of a very bad man.

All Isabelle wants is to free herself from the clutches of evil and survive.

Little did she know that a world full of mystical madness and suprises at every corner would be what she found. Follow Isabelle as she unravels the truth and gets the one thing she wanted all along. Revenge.

I’d really appreciate a cover! I’ve had a hard time designing one myself… I am just terrible at it!


Here’s a few ideas :joy:


I really like the second option thank you