Need a Book Cover for your story??? {closed for catch up)


Here are some options, the later three don’t have any filters on them just simple edits


Done :+1:


that looks really good

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Here are a few ideas


there really good but could you maybe do a different font?


For which pic?


the second picture or the first one


Thanks, do I owe ya?


Name: Dragon Tales: Golden Blood
Background: Black.
Author name: Piotrrad
Genre: fantasy.
Objects on cover: I thought of a dragon, maybe a golden dragon that appears in the novel, or a warrior something like a wicker well built with a wound from which golden blood flies like in the main character.



Name: Tales of the Underworld
Background: Black
Author name: beauty
Genre: paranormal
Objects on cover: skulls, dark castles, underworld type things


Yes, thank you


If you want to you can follow me, but you don’t have to. I do then more so for funsies. :sweat_smile:


I think the last one is very good. However in the story the siblings are sitting on a couch while they are watching tv. Do you mind changing the thing with the sheets to be a couch instead? If not I understand.


I have decided to go elsewhere for this request. :slight_smile: Post deleted.

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Here’s a few ideas :joy:

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I really like the second option thank you

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This one I did myself, but I want a redo. I feel like it’s crappy because I didn’t have the right software to make it look professionally eye-catching. Plus, it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I want it more eye-catching and alluring so others can be attracted to it to read it.

Title: Out of the Ordinary
Author: sboufath
Tagline: He’s beyond human…
Ideas: Background should be black with some blue hues illuminating model figure of a teen boy. He should be muscular, but lean. He has his back toward us, head slightly turned over left shoulder, no direct eye contact. Hair combed on one side, nice and even. His face should be obscured by shadowing effect, as well as his body. Title font can be kept the same, but more beveled and a little more sci-fi looking. Color can be either silver or white.


are you still closed to catching up ?


name: in too deep
background: water
author: skyebliss00
genre: fanfic
objects on cover: person reaching up