Need A Cover ASAP(payment? Of course)

Graphic Type : Manipulated

Title: First Class


Genre(s): Humour/ Romance

Colours: Bright colours ( I have nothing is specific. You do what you feel works)

Idea(s): I was thinking that it could be a girl in a flight attendant’s outfit, standing in the middle of a plane isle, showing her back to us and maybe a pair of male passengers looking up at her…or something. Or something similar to that. idk .Surprise me! :smile:

Story Summary: Robin Drew.She’s sweet, funny, fierce, arrogant, strong headed and drop dead gorgeous. She’s also a flight attendant, and she couldn’t be happier. Who wouldn’t be, you get to travel the world for free and see places, sleep in one of the most lavish hotels in the country, and attend the best clubs; all expenses paid. It’s probably the best job a traveller could have. But what’s not so great about it, is dealing with the jerks of first class.

Aiden Moore. He’s handsome, charming, a smile that could make you faint and a whole lot of stacks in his pocket. He’s also an international heartthrob. An internet sensational star. He has all he’s ever wanted and more. From waiting tables at McDonalds to being a well known pop star. What more could he possibly want? Oh, that’s right… He wants a pair of boobs and ass to warm up his bed. Everyday, but its never the same pair twice.

Then… along comes Robin. A beautiful piece that he keeps coming back for over and over and over and over again. To which she keeps rejecting him over and over and over and over again.

But to what end?

Payment: I don’t have much, so I offer you a follow from two accounts; I will add your books to my reading list (if you have any),and also a shout-out for your awesome cover.

Anything Else: Please use real people in your cover’s photo, not silhouettes or anything like that. And if you happen to photo-shop some stuff into your design, please try to make it as invisible as possible that you photo-shopped.

Please try your best, I would appreciate it very much. Feel free to join, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Thanks!

Somebody… anybody… help :pleading_face: I promise I’ll love you forever,lol

I’d love to give it a try!


Here are some things I came up with!

I made two. I was not sure what the girl was supposed to look like so I added one with a blond

e and one with a brunette.

hey - very aware this is exactly what you didn’t want but I had fun with it so thought I’d post it anyway! dont worry if its not what you’re looking for :slight_smile: FIRST CLASS final

Thank you so much, I’d really appreciate that

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OMG! These are amazing, my personal favz are second and last ones! I love them :smile: but I think I should wait for more choices, ya know

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These look great :heart_decoration: I love the second one. Would it be too much to ask for you to remove the trailing while line in the background?

It does look fun though :grin: Its very lively, I love it.:heart: But unfortunately its not what I want, sorry.

Ok, how is this?

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Hey. I know I didn’t really get the perfect image for your ideas but I hope I gave justice to your story. The images used were not mine but I hope you’ll like it!

I tried something different :blush:


Great design, I like it :heart: But sorry, I said I don’t like silhouettes for this cover

Much better :grin:

These are so beautiful. I love , love, love, the first one

Oh my word, thank you so much, these look great. The first one, I love, I just wish it wasn’t in black and white. And the last one, LOVE it

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Oh My Gracious Jesus I Love this!! Did you draw this yourself? It looks great