Need A Cover for a New Romance/Fantasy! PAYMENT

Hello lovely designers!

I am TERRIBLE with all things Photoshop and I am on desperate need of a cover for a new romance book I am hoping to publish asap. Please see below for my request!

Title: Of Traitors and Tyrants

Author: A. N. Horton

Genre(s): Romance/Fantasy

Colours: Her kingdom is purple; his is green

Idea(s): it’s a very intense story where their forced marriage unites their kingdoms which hate each other. I’m thinking a split cover with half of their faces or countries or whatever, hers in the theme of purple, his in green. But I am TOTALLY OPEN to ANY AND ALL ideas for this one! Let your creative juices flow!

Story Summary:
Not every love story begins in a fog of flirtation and flattery. Some of the strongest bonds are formed, most unexpectedly, through hardship. This is especially the case for strong willed, quick witted Mila Zolotov. Her beloved country has been at war with their northern neighbors for over three decades and, as a member of the royal family herself, she has always been expected to despise them the most. Why, then, would her brother make his first act as their country’s new King betrothing her to their enemy’s Prince?

Thrust into a world that she had always been taught to hate, Mila finds her heart opening to the people whom her brother calls savages. She finds herself forming unlikely friendships with those groups of people whom a princess should never interact with, soldiers and prostitutes, orphans and hermits. She finds herself on a journey to a love that she never asked for and to the heartbreak of the inevitable choice between a new love and an old. In the end, Mila will learn a valuable lesson. That we are judged, not on what we can control, but on how we handle that which is outside of our control.

Payment (If offered. Please do not offer votes as it’s not allowed.): I will permanently follow the designer I choose and give them a shout out on the last part of my Wattpad Story.

Anything Else: not really! I’m excited to see what you all come up with!


I would love to help. I am a new member so i can’t post pictures, but i can design and maybe get it to you through email.


Thank you so much for your interest! That’s so odd that you wouldn’t be able to post photos. If you want to pm me once you have something drafted I can give you my email :slight_smile:

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great!! For privacy, you can give me your instagram handle so you can dm your email, and i can see what i can do.