Need a cover!

I am about to publish a novel that will be updated weekly. I am three chapters ahead, so I won’t fall behind. This is my first time publishing on Wattpad so I’m still new. In return for a cover, I can credit you in the introduction and recommend you to other writers. I can also keep you in mind for my next book!

Graphic Type: Cover for novel

Title: A Soul Worth Saving

Author: Amanda Song

Genre(s): Paranormal/Fantasy; Romance

Colours: I think a darker color palette, maybe a black background. But I’m open to your creativity and interpretation!

Idea(s): I’m really not good at this so I’m open to your ideas. I think a reference to a fox, either an outline or a fox face/eyes, would be cool.

Story Summary: The story is about a nine-tailed-fox’s journey to become human again. She is 1000 years old, but trapped in the body of a 20-year-old and has been living as a nine-tailed fox that shape shifts and sucks people’s souls. When she is enrolled in college, she meets a noble professor who helps her on her journey to become human again.
It is modeled after some vampire/werewolf series where they struggle to fight against their paranormal instincts to be more human.

Payment: credits, recommendations, or I can serve as a reference if you ever need one :wink:

Anything Else: This is based on the Korean folklore of nine-tailed foxes so if you include any human characters on the cover, please keep that in mind. The two main characters are ethnically Korean.


Wow, @KylexLumien You did that fast! It looks really cool. Did you do something similar in the past?
Could I see what it would look like with the authors name in just a plain font, like a open sans, cambria, or arial, and without the “by” on it?

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Sure, something like this?

As for your questions, it’s basically just finding pics from open source sites and slapping them together (I use pixabay and pngguru). I use pixlr to edit and fitting it together and then get the title done on a font site. I do take the time to try and make it look good and work in the request wishes, but it’s not all that difficult once you get into it.

Hello! I tried it too, but I’m not sure it’s what you were looking for-


I wouldn’t mind giving this a go. You don’t mind if it’s drawn though, would you? I don’t really use or have proper photo manipulation apps.

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@rixtyminutes I would like to see your idea! I think it can be unique~

Thank you @apagado. I hadn’t thought of something like this but it gives me a whole new perspective!

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I’m currently sick and suffering but here’s my take on it it’s midnight, I’ll take a look again tomorrow

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I’ll give it a try!

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Here’s my go at it :blush:


Hey! Saw this and gave it a go. I don’t own the images used but I hope you like it!

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I had a lot of fun trying this out since it’s the first “cover” I’ve drawn. I hope you like it, even if you don’t use it!

A Soul Worth Saving


I decided to give it a try. I can easily change fonts if you want.


Omg that’s amazing! I really like it. Could I see what it would look like with some more color on her tails and maybe some color on the text? What color do you think would complement that?

This is so cool, hehe. I like the red text because it hints that there will be some violence.

more colour?

Yes please! Maybe something orange/yellow/gold?