Need a monster or dragon

If your looking for a type of monster or dragon for your story I’ve got some, just name the details and I’ll give you nearly or exactly what you want if it’s not what you wanted I could look for another one for you.

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I’m curious why this is under fanfiction and not General Writing Help or something. Unless you’re just pulling creatures from other people’s work.

I’m kinda new so it’s hard for me to know on which base or whatever your supposed to call it, and the creatures are based on a guide on Monsters and dragons

I need some cool demon ideas.

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Ok what kind of demon do you want

Someone scary-looking but not sinister.

What kind of demons are there? 0.o

So for demons there aren’t much but dragons and monsters I’ve got lots and facts about them too

I didn’t find any demons but monsters, dragons and protections I’ve know those

For example I’ve got the chimera which is a mix of dragons, goat and lion.

Doppelganger its a shapeshifter. By psychically reading minds they can emulate the exact speech and personality of there victims