Need a New Cover? All Covers FREE [Closed for Catch-up]

Subject line: Cover Design

Hello everyone! I’m looking to increase my portfolio, if anyone needs a cover for free your welcome to request for one below. I range from minimalistic design through to photographic manipulation. I have over four – five years’ experience with cover designs and art. I’m looking to help out other writers who need covers for free. All covers here are free, no payment in any form is required.

Requirement, please fill out form below, if you need one.

  • Title
  • Subtitle (if any)
  • Author
  • Theme
  • Genre
  • Brief Description

Visit here to see the portfolio I have so far.
Or, an example, below:

Title: Requiem of The Roar
Author: Zeeroe
Theme: Sad/heartwrenching+intriguing action
Genre: Fantasy
Brief Description: A young man holding a large sword is being dripped by the rain. A ruined city is his background.


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Here it is. Let me know what you think!

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title: elysian
author: jolyne
theme: very touchy feely, heart-warming
genre: romance
brief description: a couple close together


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Here it is! Sorry it took a while, wasn’t too sure what hair colour you wanted. Hope this is acceptable.

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  • Title: Silent Downfall

  • Subtitle (if any)

  • Author: A. S. Raisa

  • Theme: (The genre and description describes it better)

  • Genre: Psychological Thriller

  • Brief Description: Indian all-rounder Mayank Sharma had always treasured the unlikeliest dream ever, he was a guy who fascinated himself as a serial killer. The rare talent had forever been a sea away from being satisfied with his life in and away from the field. The path destiny led him to was only an enormous mistake, or that is what he believed it to be. Unlike any of his peers, he had always considered himself unworthy of the glorious position he secured, the cold faith that he cherished deep in his heart claimed that he was born a sinner, the very chest of evil was the precise place he belonged to. His life was gliding by at its own pace, until one night fate made him cross path with a 15 year old belonging to a team he was mysteriously reluctant to face. Following a series of events, he finally found himself at a spot where the shortcomings of his life at last seemed to rectify themselves. Being awarded the key to ominousness that he always dreamed of, would he let the darkness take over?

  • Title : Witch of the Deep
  • Subtitle (if any) -
  • Author: Niharika Sarma
  • Theme: Something with a lot of blues and black, with tints of gold.
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Brief Description: A witch who was thrown into the sea for did not die, and comes back to land centuries later trying to find any remnant of what she lost.

Thank you!


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Accepted and you’re welcome!

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Title; Did he help the nerd?// Jikook
Subtitle; Jeon Jeongguk… and the nerd?
Author: bebebts
Theme: Love and a lot of bullying
Genre: fanfiction
Brief Description: Park JImin an introvert in high school. A big nerd. All he cares about is his friends Seokjin and Hoseok. and his grades. If he makes anything less than A- he has a panic attack. His one goal is to prove his parents wrong about him. When he first came out to them he was 13 in 8th grade, now he’s 16 in 12th grade. Jimin is supposed to be in 11th grade but due to him being on a 12th-grade level he skipped 11th and went straight to 12th. His parents thought he was just a whore who wants dick up his ass. And Jimin was determined o prove them wrong. Even if it means getting bullied at school. Jimin honestly couldn’t are less if he got bullied. All he cared about was being loved by his parents. Now back to the bullies. Jeon Jeongguk, Min Yoongi, Kim Taehyung, and Kim Namjoon. Now wait Jeongguk doesn’t exactly bully Jimin, the others do, but Jeongguk doesn’t exactly stop it either. So take it how you want to take it. Jimin doesn’t mind the beatings he gets at home or school. Maybe he doesn’t but very soon Jeongguk will.

Oh! Your covers are beautiful. I feel so bad for myself right now for lacking in aesthetic skill like yours. It will be awesome if you could make a cover for me too.

The story details are:

  • Title: Lost
  • Subtitle (if any): In the Tom Riddle era
  • Author: _nomad_
  • Theme: Romance + Mystery + Adventure + family drama
  • Genre: Fanfiction
  • Brief Description: A shy, awkward, average-looking girl who wants to hide from the world gathers an attention of ambitious, handsome, intelligent, cunning and manipulative boy. When her vulnerable past and his questionable present gets tangled the result is definitely unpredictable future.

Appearance-wise the only remarkable thing the girl has is her violet eyes. Her appearance is pale and petite with black hairs. I will love it if you use Christian Coulson as Tom Riddle. Tom Riddle is Villain, so a dark themed cover with maybe forest / chamber of secrets / basilisk in the background is what I have in mind. (I don’t know if you are potterhead, so I am sorry if you feel uncomfortable.)

title - Mated to the Enemy
subtitle- none
author- Jane Doe
theme- werewolf-y, basic and cliché
genre- werewolf, romance
brief description- When JackLynn finds out she is the mate to the uprising alpha of the enemy pack, her once neglecting pack will do anything to keep this runt of the litter from running off into the sunset.

Hi! First off I’d like to say your covers are AMAZING!!

Here’s my cover request, since you already have so many people to make covers for definitely take your time!

Title: Dream with me
Author: asroilu_16
Theme: stars. Like lots of stars/constellations with either just the girl or the girl AND the looking at them/among the stars. Buut if this is too hard to do then you can do a simple couple cover with darker blues, purples, or blacks aesthetics like.
Genre: teen fiction/romance
Brief description: There was always something going wrong in Aurora’s life— at least before the freak accident. Just like that her world turned to a whole 180 and everything started becoming easy and simple. While thinking this life and Theo (her love interest) will be forever, turns out forever isn’t as long as you may think

Title: The Badass Diaries
Subtitle: N/A
Author: SVTSwrites
Theme: it’s a diary entry book, but the MC of this book is fierce, bold, badass and can take on anything that comes her way.
Genre: teen fiction:
Description: Being best friends with Sophia Smith, one of the most popular girls in the grade, Sonia has seen all kinds of drama. Whether it be from old friends, fellow classmates, or between her Sophia, all kinds of drama is documented in her diary. And being the badass she is, she can take on any kind of torments. How does this badass deal with all the hurdles thrown at her so quickly?

I really want to request because your covers are giving me major majestic vibes, but I have a question first. Are you only doing one for each person? Or are you accepting series too? Because I have a series I really want to change the covers on, but it’s only two books. No more than that. If not, I’ll just request with a different story of mine that needs a new cover. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you.

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Here it is. Sorry for the delay. Wasn’t too sure if you wanted the man on the cover or not but I opted for a potential victim. If he’s the bad guy… let me know if you need it revised.

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I have a series that might need to covers, but I’m still contemplating whether I should change them or not (given the fact that the covers I have currently are already in posts all over the story request forums). But I do want to ask if you do text dividers/separators?