Need Beta Readers for Teen-Fiction Short Story

This is for authors who need beta readers for their completed stories. And for the readers who need completed stories too.

If you would like to offer beta reading services, you can advertise in here and find your interests too.

Please include the following:

Title: Just this Dance •|From Floret to Blossom|•
Genre and sub-genre : Teen-Fiction, Short Story
Description: Crossing path with your elementary school crush is maybe normal, but him noticing you, remembering you would be just more than a mere coincidence!!
Fate, Destiny does things like that really exists?? Find out more in story of Kera McHale.

Any other information you feel is needed:

Payment Details:

Will gladly read, and leave extensive, constructive feedback on up to 3 chapters of your work.

“Payment” will be completed after you have read and commented on my book. You don’t need to comment on every chapter, and if you want to just send me a PM detailing your thoughts at the end, that works as well.

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I created a thread for my book a while ago but had trouble finding a beta reader.
Title: My Happy Ending (I)✓
Genre and sub-genres: Romance, ChickLit, Contemporary, NA
Description: After unexpectedly meeting vocalist from one of the favorites bands, Samantha felt smitten by the man. Raymond seemed charming, humble, and quite attractive.

But, Sam’s long and complicated past with her highschool sweetheart was always in the way of finding new love in her life.

Following circumstances set Samantha’s life in a new and unexpected direction, allowing her to spend more time with Ray.

Can she forget her first love, Tom? And fall in love again with a new guy in her life?

Any other information you feel is needed: Warning: the book is rated mature because it contains: sex scenes, violence, suicide, strong language, and mild drug use.
I want a beta reader mainly because I’m drafting the second part of this story and I want to know what questions are left after reading this first part of duology.

Also, I will look into this thread, I was beta reader once and I loved the book and I will gladly do it again.

Payment: My book has a 65 000 words so as a payment I can read your work and follow your account. You can PM me about the details.

What type of feedback you are looking for? I could read your book.

However you can do, mostly on grammar and stuff

Hey, I can beta-read your book, how would you like the feedback to be given?

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Grammar and punctuation is not my strong side as English is not my first language, although I can point out misspelled words or bigger major mistakes.
I can read the book and give you feedback on story flow, character development and overall impression.
My feedback style is to leave comments at the end of each chapter, unless there are some other issues then I use in line comments.
As a payment you can choose from three stories. Except my romance book (My Happy Ending) since that book has already a lot of feedback when it comes to three first chapters.
Let me know if I’m accepted and I will start on your work.

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Okies that will work too :blush:

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However you like to do it I don’t mind anything :blush::blush:

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I will start today and pm you when I am finished, looking forward to reading your book :smile:

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Alright, I’ll point out grammar and sentence structure flow by inline commenting and leave my overall thoughts at the end of the chapter. I’ll start yours when you’ve done the payment, you can read “Highway of Lights” or “Whirlwind” on my profile :slight_smile:

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I have already read “Whirlwind” during Judging it in Aurora Awards so I will read “Highway of Lights”

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