Need Beta readers

Hi all! I’m just about to finish my novel and I’m in need of Beta readers (Specifically to look at the big pictures of my story).

What you need to know about my book:
It’s a teen fiction, so no explicit sexual scenes.
It’s about zombies so expect some level of gore.
It’s still in rough-rough draft stage so be kind :smile:

What I will do:
Think of this as a Beta reader swap. We can go chapter for chapter or book for book (Which is almost better) This means your novel will have to be completed with no more that 50 chapters (3k words per chapter)
I will also read and give feedback on your novel per what you require at that stage in editing.

What I will read:
I read any genre except smut and fan-fiction (nothing against these genres so put down the pitchfork)

So if your interested or have any questions you can let me know!

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I would love to do this, but I haven’t exactly finished my novel yet… (currently at chapter 22)

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Hi that’s okay :slight_smile: We can exchange 22 chapters then if you’re up for it?

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I would be delighted to do an exchange. Would you like me to PM you the link?

Please do! We can work out the rest in PM :slight_smile: I might only reply in a few hours need to start earning my salary :rofl:

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Fair enough! I’ll send the link through now. :slight_smile:

hey! I love a good teen fiction zombie book, a book about that was actually the first one I read on Wattpad six years ago aha.

I finished my book 3 days ago, it is 69k and is a teen fiction/romance. I’d love to do a swap if you’re up for it!

I’m totally up for it! Send me a PM and we can start :smile:

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