Need bools to read

I’m looking for a werewolf book but the head character must be a human and the mate a werewolf please


you described half of the werewolf books. just scroll through the genre. you’ll find something.


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This seems better suited in #share-your-story:story-requests as that is the only place you can request books. I’ll go ahead and move it for you :slight_smile:

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I have a horror story that follows what you’re looking for!


Would you like me to tell me about my book…?

I have a completed book but both my mcs are alphas.:weary:

Not my story, but @nearxlight has a wonderful (LGBTQ) story that fits your criteria:


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Hello! :blush: I have a book that fits what you’re looking for. I don’t want to spoil it but I promise it fits the bill. If this sounds interesting, the ad is clickable. It is also a retelling of Red Riding Hood.

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Oh gosh, thank you for the tag! I’m flattered! I’ll drop the description below for anyone interested :]

Werewolves are real. Big whoop. If NYPD detective Maverick Carson is being honest, he’s always been more of a cat person. As part of a new expansion project, however, the 11th precinct is getting its first lycanthrope officer - an intimidating presence by the name of Emery Faustine. And, by some cruel twist of fate, Maverick is assigned to be his partner.

The two hotshots are fire and ice. Night and day. Sworn enemies from the moment they meet, until a serial killer begins to ravage the streets of New York City, and Maverick and Emery must force their rivalry aside to stop the gruesome killings at whatever cost.

Meanwhile, Maverick wonders if there’s something more to Emery than just the creature he becomes every full moon. As he contemplates his partner’s humanity, he wonders, too, if there could be something more to their partnership. With the case coming to a head between them, hidden secrets - and feelings - threaten to be revealed. Maverick must decide: is Emery human, or just a wolf parading as one? And, more importantly, can he learn to trust the werewolf, even if it means risking his own life?


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She is a single mother in the middle of the worst breakup. He is a Marine coping with the aftermath of war. She is trying to rebuild her life. He is trying his hardest not to lose his.

Hailie Scott is on the verge of a wretched downfall. She can barely pay her electric bill let alone keep a roof over her head. She works two jobs and studies a full course load to earn a degree. To make matters worse, she is now a single mother watching the father of her daughter run off with the woman he had an affair with. She is left with every wrong decision that mends her life.

Ultimately Hailie is kicked to the curb with only the clothes on her back, a laptop, and nowhere to go. That is until she stumbles into her old high school crush Jace who has experienced hardships of life that left the boy she once knew into a guarded soul. The Marine is battling his own inner demons that led him to a messy divorce and an internal battle that never heals. If anyone can understand Hailies torn heart and turmoil, its Jace.

Either they mend each other’s wounds, or they create new ones becoming each other’s rebound.

Have you read Saving Allison? username: MommaShifter

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I can’t post links yet, but my story is ongoing! My wattpad link is in my bio!


Brielle saw more in her 16 years than most have in a lifetime. After her mother’s suicide and her own failed attempt, she is forced to move in with her aunt. Where to? Forks, Washington- of all places. Coming to terms with her mother’s passing, her sister’s new rebellious nature and add in a werewolf named Embry and all hell breaks loose.

Rated T, will be changed to M.

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Hi I’ll go check it out

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Yess a twilight book i love reading those I’ll go check it out


A human mate

thank you!

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Link :

Synopsis : Snow is an assassin that was given the power of Silver Bloods, an ability to slay the dark creatures easily after she assassinated the previous owner of the power. Despite how strong her power is, she wanted to forget her past, her name, and everything to move on except now she has no place to return or no place to go, but a pack of werewolves had decided to show her a world she never thought of.

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