Need cover and banners, please

Hi, all. I would like a cover and banners for my story.

Graphic Type: cover and banners

Title: Last Christmas

Author: Dredge

Genre(s): romance/general Fiction

Colours: Christmas colours

Idea(s): I was thinking a Christmas tree in the background with a couple close to kissing. Also, I’ll let you have free reign over the cover.

Story Summary: Last Christmas is about a couple that got together and it shows what the past year has brought them.

Payment (if offered): whatever you want me to do,

Anything Else: no, thank you.

Want it still?

Yes, please.

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Okay then! I will try to make them just don’t expect much from it :joy: I am a beginner

Last Christmas

Thanks for giving it a go, but I won’t be using it.

Gave it a shot. It came out a bit meh but I tried :joy:



Also gave it a quick go! (:

here’s my best attempt! you have to click on the image in order to see the full thing

How about this?

Here’s another design.Hope you like it.
Last Christmas (1)Last Christmas (2)

The cover has been withdrawn by me and been made into a pre-made. If you are interested in getting it let me know.

Hey @Dredge116 are you going to use mine? Else I would like to turn it into premade. :slight_smile:

This thread may be of use to you: I Make Book Covers - Taking Requests

Hey, If you still need a cover and banner, here’s my thread Cover Shop is open… Custom made covers // OPEN //

Last Christmas

Last Christmas (1)

I usually make a cover in and I’ll make one asap