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Graphic Type: Cover for story

Title: Wake Up

Author: Christina Joslin

Genre(s): Autobiography/ Self-help

Colours: Gloomy or Darker colors


This image is ok, but I just want something gloomy. No rainbows and unicorns for this cover.

Story Summary: The first part of the story is going to be about toxic relationships. I’m going to be talking about some struggles I have been going through with family. I want to also talk about my childhood. I may later cover other topics like college and so forth, but I don’t know yet.

Payment: I can do a dedication. PM me if you have something else in mind.

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Christina Joslin


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How about this?

I know I’m not the OP… just adding a voice as a graphic designer.

Conceptually I like this one the best to go with the theme, though I’m not fond of the railroad tracks. I think working with minimalism might be better.

The typography only needs a fraction of some tweaking.

I’d experiment also with gradients on the figure as well to see if it reads better.

Wake Up

wake up

dang really hard to choose for this one. I like this one. Only problem is can you maybe make my name in white or a lighter gray just so it stands out a bit better? Probably gray to match kinda the top background

This is definitely in the top 2. It is simple and I love the color scheme. Maybe name a bit bigger kinda hard to see

This would have been like my third choice I think. I like that deteriorated look on the image, but I am also not much of a fan of the railroad tracks. But I think the text and color scheme is pretty good.

You all did pretty wonderfully and thanks for participating. Some of the images just don’t match what I’m looking for.

I had accidentally deleted it so I just remade it. Hope you like it!

Can u make my name just a tad bit lighter? sorry to bother you again lol.

Hi! It was easier to just make the surroundings a bit lighter so I did that.

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Wake Up
Wake Up (2)

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