Need Help deciding between two events in your story? Post your poll here to get responses.


Hey guys, I often find myself not sure whether I want to have a negative ending or a positive ending, or I’m stuck between two endings. I know other writers sometimes deal with this as well. So if you need help with your story or have a question you need answered from a readers perspective, feel free to post your own poll here. Keep in mind you must vote on others polls as well.

I guess I will start with my very own poll.

  • Have him drop the mermaid body in the ocean and keep the creatures a secret
  • Have him expose the creatures to the entire world and have the government start a mermaid hunt.

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Does anyone else have a question they need answered for their story?


I have one. Without explaining the whole plot, there’s two alternate dimensions. In one the world’s in an apocalyptic state in the other, well, it’s pretty in the same state as ours. The MC from the non-apocalyptic world makes a deal with a girl from the apocalyptic world that if she helps him, he’ll take her back with him. But she doesn’t work in the plot of the next book in the series so…

  • The girl is killed by the bad guy while trying to help the MC.
  • Something else stops her from going with the MC. (In other words, she lives.)
  • She actually goes back with the MC but is killed in the first or second chapter of the third book (by the MC on accident).

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This all sounds really interesting. O.o




Bring us more votes <3


I need help deciding what’s going on with main character’s love interest.

  • She isn’t interested in him like that, but she does become his friend and a strong warrior on his team.
  • She isn’t interested in him like that and ends up dating his friend(who is a girl). Thus she becomes a queen and a warrior.

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Is the friend (who is a girl) a princess or something? Because the ‘she becomes a queen’ seems really weird otherwise if in the other case she just becomes a strong warrior.


Yup, the friend is a princess at the start and when(if) her and the main character’s love interest get married, the two girls become queens. :slight_smile:


Ah, okay that makes sense then.
Still like the other opinion better though, let her be a strong woman that don’t need no… uh… woman…




Haha five votes all for the same option. Looks like everyone wants her to be a strong independent woman. XD


Yeah, I am kind of surprised. Thought it would be more of a divide like with Elsa. XD


I agree. Mine has been jumping back and forth and so has theirs. Weird!


I’m so glad people are getting votes on the polls they’ve posted. <3


This sounds like such an interesting new book that I’ve never seen anything like on wattpad. Holy crap I applaud you.


How do you make a poll in here?


When you press reply, there’s a toolbar. The end symbol is a gear. Click that. Last option is build a poll.


When typing a message there are the option bar. If you click on the little gear at the very end there should be an option that says build a poll. A box will pop up that will prompt you on how to do that and all the things you can adjust with it.