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Which story should I work on? They’re not fan fictions, just heavily inspired by each source? lol

  • Rick&Morty inspired story
  • Powerpuff Girls inspired story
  • Invader Zim inspired story
  • Steven Universe inspired story

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My character is getting stared at by this guy with his family. I’m a little stuck. Should the guy:

  • Stay there
  • Approach him
  • Somehow see him later
  • have his family be in an open relationship

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I recommend that, in order for the story to be more real, there must be variety. Some gay characters here, some straight over there, some bisexual too. Obviously it also depends on context, if it’s in the Medieval Era, probably most characters will be straight, and gay ones would be hiding it, your story could be about a medieval person struggling with the… Well, saying discrimination would be an understatement, of the gay people, idk


Why not make her part of the protagonist team?


So, this is something very minor but I can’t decide. My book starts three years after something happens, something very big, all world goverment’s were destroyed, 500 million people are dead, every single politician in the world is dead with very few exceptions, and police and military around the world were persecuted and given two choices “Join us or die” (Due to the fact this last thing extends to the beggining of the book, it’s an event of it’s own know as “The Blue Genocide”), all of this happened within a 24 hour span, and in the world presented at the beggining, it’s anniversary it’s the most important holiday of the planet. How is this day called?

  • The Change
  • The Event

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I’m slightly confused by your suggestion. She is a part of the protagonist ‘team’ for the second book, but by the end of it, she’s fulfilled her purpose in the plot, while I could keep her around, she’d be an extra character with no real goal or drive in the story. And by taking her away from the MC, whether by death or her staying (where he won’t know what happens to her), would be one more blow/failure to him.


Once she fullfils her purpose, you could just have her live a normal life? The character can just kind of dissapear from the story but your implications say she is just chilling around somewhere. Of course, if you need the protagonist to have a blow, you can kill her, but killing when it won’t really add anything to the plot seems kind of pointless to me at least


If she stays behind, she’d just continue on her normal life. Which is one of the opinions in the poll.
Her dying would add to the plot because it would add to his guilt and add to his ‘people around me only get hurt/killed’ thinking process. And some other stuff, but I’d have to type out like four different possible end plots and a summary of the whole plot of three books to explain it.

She can’t come back with him and just go off to live a normal life chilling around somewhere because she doesn’t know how to. She’s to used to the constant threat of death, she has no idea how to live in a normal society, the MC or MC’s friends would have to help her adjust (not to mention create a fake identity and a whole bunch of other stuff for her), and she more than likely would refuse to leave the MC alone until she knows he’s okay (which would mean sticking around for the entire book). And she’s insanity nosy so it’s not like she would stay out of his business anyway. So having her just off and chill would make no sense and be out of character for her.