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So, which event will happen later in my book Seventy days?

  • An automaton takes the two characters to a secret civilization filled with automatons
  • They reach to Fang cliff only to find a mysterious treasure

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I think it’s still messed up because it says ‘choose up to 2 options.’


Not necessarily. Because maybe you think both happen in the story :slight_smile:


True, but the wording of the question implies just one will happen.


Do you mean for it to allow you to choose both of them?


I don’t know


Hi everyone. So, I’ll try to put this as simple as possible for you guys. There’s going to be a big fight between the two major factions of my story coming up soon. One will lose (obviously) and taken prisoner. They’ll be executed day later by a third faction their enemies are helping. I don’t want them to actually die so I’m going to have two side characters come in and save them. The only question is when. Please, let me know. Thanks.

  • At the execution, saving them seconds before.
  • At the jail they are being held at.

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Hello! Here’s my plot:

Girl gets three visions of this one day (three different possibilities) where a guy shoots a crossbow and “kills” different people in each possibility. The foreshadowing is that she doesn’t actually see two of three possibilities actually get shot — just before they get shot.

To list them —

  1. Arrow goes towards best friend
  2. Lover gets shot (and clearly dies)
  3. Arrow goes towards her

The main character assumes that every one in each possibility dies. She knows she has a say in what one comes true, so she tries to make sure that SHE dies instead of her friend or lover.

In the end, what actually happens, the crossbow shoots at her — but, and here’s my question, should she actually get shot (and not die) or should her brother get in the way and it kills him?

As in her vision she never actually saw the arrow hit her, and if her brother gets in the way — it would be clear that the vision cut off just before he jumped in front of her.

  • Should it shoot her? (and she survives)
  • Should it shoot her brother? (and he dies)

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I voted for that one because it would truly mess me up!! OH my gosh.


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You’re welcome. Hopefully soon there will be some other voters as well, to help you on your journey.


I LOVE this idea! (And also cast my votes)

I’m working on a story called Little A’s, where the majority of the characters has names starting with A. However, I don’t want it to sound just like a personal pleasure of mine. I’d like this choice to be supported by a backstory.

Please let me know which of these is the most convincing option:

  • The MCs were given A-names at birth because of a popular credence involving the small town where they live. (Still coming up with it)
  • The MCs were given A-names at birth out of a strange coincidence. (Still coming up with the consequences of this coincidence)
  • Those names were suggested to the MCs’ parents by a name expert who believed that A-names were popular in that period or perhaps a baby name book.
  • The MCs’ parents made a secret pact according to which they should choose a name starting with A for their daughters.

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One of the protagonists, whose name is Annaleigha (Anna), however, is excludes from the backstory circumstances as she moved in from another town.


Hey guys, I am trying to figure out what I should do in my book Antihero as I have so many options. There’s not a lot of context I can give you, so just pick the one you think sounds the best (or the worst, if you’re dark like that).

  • Have my MC take the guy home and train him to be strong
  • Have my MC release the guy from prison but not bring him home and leave him to fend for himself
  • Have my MC leave him in prison and meet him later on in life
  • Have my MC release him but MC’s dad threaten’s to kill him

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LOL u guys voting for ditching him in prison are ruthless