Need Help deciding between two events in your story? Post your poll here to get responses.


Its not 50/50 anymore. :slight_smile: only 1 is and its Rocketman


This is such a unique concept. Loved your poll. (Also I’m so glad you love the idea. I find myself always trying to pick between two or more options.)


Im excited to see what others say on this one.


I had to check at the wrong time :joy: Thanks :blush:








Okay, I’d appreciate some votes/feedback! I have an alien con-man who can shape-shift. Which should he be posing as when the main character(a human) finds him?

  • A cat
  • A dog

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I feel like tv shows use a cat for this way too much. :slight_smile: so id go with a dog


Yeah, the idea started as a dog and then I considered changing it because I prefer cats. Haha. But doubt as me either way because I agree cats are used a lot for aliens. Thanks for the vote!


Just reminds me of Sailor Moon


Oh. I was thinking of The Cat from Outer Space. Not a tv show, but a movie.


My character has to leave one dimension and travel to another. The forest is where she ends up in a forest-like village. The Medieval coast is where she is the king’s daughter, has two sisters and lives in a large yet cozy kingdom on the coast of the ocean. The Italian wonder is like this beautiful amazing city in an Italian world basically. You can ask me questions or give me feedback on why you voted

  • The Medieval Coast
  • The Italian Wonder
  • The Forest

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I have two events for a bit of interaction between a male protagonist who’s bitter about having a switch in leadership, and a female protagonist who’s trying to get the male protagonist to cooperate because they have to work together to succeed. The two have apartments on the same floor.

I’m aiming for humour, so these are the options:

  • Have Female MC be waken up by Male MC, who remarks that she (Female MC) overslept-- triggers conversation between a grumpy not-morning person and an amused morning person (softens up Male MC a bit because of reminder of sibling).
  • Have Female MC wake up earlier than Male MC, go out for a jog, shower, then wake up Male MC with a condescending glare-- triggers conversation about food (bonding time).
  • Have Female MC wake up because Male MC woke up ten minutes before her (they have apartments on the same floor; Male MC is a bit loud when he’s in a bad mood) and have Female MC suggest to Male MC to clean the now-vacant offices-- triggers an entire day of office cleaning, and possible bonding.
  • Other (comment; all comments appreciated!)

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Okay, so in my book I’m writing for NaNo, I have a nice little romantic subplot between Natalie and Lydia that GOES DOWN IN FLAMES because Natalie went and killed someone on accident. I’m stuck on what their dynamic should be post-relationship, because neither of them are bad people, per se.

  • Natalie tries to get back with Lydia and fails, and Lydia refuses to speak with her again.
  • Lydia helps Natalie come to terms with what she’s done (aka MURDER).
  • Lydia finds a less homicidal girlfriend and they live happily ever after.
  • They remain friends. Close friends. Who still occasionally kiss sometimes.

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Well, I really like two of the options. I’d vote for she helps Natalie come to terms with the murder AND that Lydia finds a new girlfriend and lives happily ever after.

  • Robert accidently(different from the first one) kills the blackmailer
  • Robert purposely kills the blackmailer because they threatened Robert+Mo’s one year old kid
  • Robert purposely kills the blackmailer because enough is enough. Murder worked before, after all.

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That’s such a fun thread. I liked casting all these votes. :slight_smile: