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Thanks. Now I’m going to be working on chapter three and i know exactly what going to happen


I have a poll to add. I discussed this with my friends in a class but it didn’t really provide me with a result. So, to not give a lot away, there’s a book I have about a man and woman in a really toxic relationship in the 70s. She gets pregnant young and he decides with her to run away from everything, get married, and restart. Also, to keep in mind of her character, she’s a young girl (17 when pregnant) and isn’t super responsible, is super depressed/suicidal, and feels very trapped. That will impact her decision making, so I am leaning towards her abandoning the kid because she believes she isn’t ready, but I am not 100% sure. These are the other options. Thanks if you vote!

  • Has child, keeps it
  • Has child, abandons it, tells husband it was stillborn
  • Has child, drowns it, tells husband it was stillborn

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I prefer gives up the child, as it feels the most realistic for someone who is still sane, but would not it be hard for her to conceal the absence of the body if the baby was given up?


Well, I was thinking instead of her actually putting it up for proper adoption, she would drive far away or hitch a ride into another city, put the child in a box, leave it in an alley, run back home, tell husband she already buried the child, and maybe make a grave to convince him it’s dead.


Just after she delivered? On her own, at 17, her first child? It might be easier if he is away, she has preterm/small baby, and a postpartum depression, so she is not bonding with the child properly… after you deliver it takes a heavy toll on the body, so excessive and rapid movement is not easy.


I forgot to mention it but she has a neighbor who is a midwife that comes in to help deliver the child. After that, she could convince the midwife to take it far away or force herself to get into another town (through slow paces from the exertion of labor) and abandon it herself. She could go into labor in the morning when her husband is already gone, giving her hours to rest, leave town and come back too, making it more feasible.


The average labour takes many hours, and you are not back on your feet right away. The fast labor is uncommon, particulary with the first kid when everything is still tight down below. Ahem, not to scare you, but have you given birth?

If not, a midwife accomplice who takes the baby is the most expedient plot device.


I don’t mind and I haven’t. You’re right, it doesn’t seem that feasible to walk away after birth (thank you for finding this plot hole that my mind glossed over!) so I will probably make the midwife an accomplice.


I have a somewhat new character I added in my story but I’m not a huge fan of him. I want to get rid of him but can’t pick a way that would flow with the story. He’s an angel and sent to guide the MC because she is a seer (a “prophet of God” with the gift to see the future)

  • He risks his life for the MC to protect her and dies.
  • He has to go back to where he’s from because there’s nothing left for him where the story takes place.

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How new is this new character?


Lol, this is kinda fun.

I’m having trouble with the ending in order to match the theme of my story. I’d like to have a balance between justice and mercy.

For context: The villains’ actions destroyed an entire town, although it was unintentional. However, they are repeating the same actions in order to correct what they perceive to be a greater wrong, the possible destruction (not all at once) of the country.

Only one reverses his decision and decides to help the heroes in order to stop the other villains from killing more people.

At the end, I’m not sure what punishment is fitting for them. I’ve already decided and written about one of the scenarios, but I’d like to explore a bit.

  • All villains are executed
  • All villains are exiled
  • Only the villain who helped the heroes is spared (the other two die)

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How do you guys add a poll your posts? I would love to add one, but I have no clue how.


When you are typing a reply if you hit the little gear at the end of the tool bar, the last option will be build a poll. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Let’s see if I can manage that.

Subplot Outcome Poll:

My alien race starts as all male in shoals, but during courtship chases, one of the mates, normally the one chased, transitions to a female and the species continue. The couple in my novel took it way beyond the confines of their home world, and the expected amount of time.

The subplot starts with Var trying to impress Zan by staging an ‘abduction’ attempt where Var comes through as a heroic rescuer (in a traditional male role). Of course, Zan is not fooled.

So, as a secondary storyline through the novel, the two keep going through all the stormy teen drama fest stuff.

  • Both Var and Zan remain male and keep wandering the galaxy, extending the courting ritual forever, instead of returning back to their homeworld to do the family thing
  • In the role reversal twist, Var transitions to the female against the initial scenario, where he was playing the pursuer, in the male role.

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well, I have two books out for my story and he was introduced in the first one, but barely appeared. In the second, I gave him his now role because the MC didn’t know he was an angel. I thought if by adding something to him would change my view of him, but now I just want him gone.


One vote for Gay-liens.


Yes, it looks like a prefered scenario, so I will be going with that. Unless there is a gigantic reversal by the end of the weekend when I get to the Singapore scene.


Ahh, I see. Is there a way to go back and edit him out? Perhaps create a minor character you’d enjoy writing more to fill his spot? I don’t know much about your story besides what you’ve said here, but it might be more enjoyable for you to switch him out for someone else. Of course, this would take a lot of time so if you’re really far in, that’d take a lot more effort.


Am still sticking with role reversal because that sounds exciting. :joy: But whatever floats your boat.