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When planning for Mist of Doom, I’m torn between which type of guest character I should add to build up the villain’s threat.

Due to the recent alien invasion and the mist, a university that focuses on studying and domesticating aliens has been looking for volunteers to explore the misty zone, which isn’t an easy task to do. Their search is focused on kids and teens because the authorities know that it’s easier to affect kids and teens than grown-ups.

The univ takes interest in an orphan who has always dreamed of being a superhero, and the staffers inject him with an alien that gives him fire-based powers, be it turning him into a Human Torch or breathing fire or shooting fireballs. The orphan is killed at the end in a fight against a giant mutant scorpion man. So, which character sounds better?

*Excuse the typo. I couldn’t edit it out when I spotted it.

  • Loud, brash, reckless, hot-blooded guy who keeps believing that he can and will be a superhero. His fighting style is simply barreling towards his enemy with his fiery wrath.
  • An relatively level-headed guy who ends up realizing that being a superhero is not that easy in reality. His fighting style is more calculating and focused on skills and range.

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i cant decide on what to do with my characters love life.

  • He is a gay character.
  • He is straight.

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i got a 50-50 vote!! :cold_sweat::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


I got you covered


aww! thanks a lot!
so its settled he is secretly GAY!


I like more over the top characters :slight_smile:


The disadvantage is mainly that it changes a description and narrative scene to a short conversation, even though the conversation will have an interesting thought. The advantage is that if I ever need them again, they can be anywhere in the Galaxy. but it is one of those things where I would trust the prevailing preference.


its 50-50 again!!!


Just give it some time :slight_smile: more people will come. :slight_smile:


I evened it out because the way you talked about the character, it felt to me, you might be conceptualizing a bisexual male.


I’m writing a teen fiction book and aim to address modern adolescent issues. So far, I have written about academic pressure and missing your hometown after being forced to move to another place. What issue should I write about next? Note: Character is a bitchy teen who puts up a façade.

  • Body insecurities
  • Being betrayed by a “friend”
  • Trouble socializing/making friends
  • Being bullied
  • Not knowing what to do after graduating from high school

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May you unlock my post so I can at least explain what’s happening?


Whoops, my bad! Done :slight_smile:


One of my stories that is in draft, is about a preteen girl in her last middle school days whose is struggling to deal with being too skinny. Unlike any other characters, she has this thing where she can eat without gaining weight. Others are bullying her just for that and got stuck calling her the name stick.

  • Should I introduce the character going through the struggles and she does nothing about it.
  • The Mc search through the internet and searches for different products that could help her gain weight.
  • A guy help her gain self esteem by telling her she’s beautiful and save her from the bullies.
  • Mc does it by eating too much junk food and get sick.
  • Mc gains more weight the healthy way and finally comes in term with her new body.
  • Her jealousy over people with thickness, she ends up killing them.

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I definitely wouldn’t have a guy save her. She could have a friend who helps her along the way, but she needs to do most the work herself. And your option of her killing people seems really random. lol

I would have voted on her coming to terms with her body but you put that with having her gain weight. Shouldn’t she have to come to terms with being skinny, instead of her gaining the weight others want her to?


Hehe sorry I’m skinny myself and the poll with her killing people was a choice because every where I see in social media or real life, some say they wish they could give their fat away and that had pop up in my head. Yeah you right but this character hasn’t been happy with her weight nonetheless beforehand.


So a small background info, the girl has amnesia so she doesn’t remember her past lover. how should he enter when he finds out she has been engaged to someone else?

  • he storms into the house of the girl’s fiance (when they were together) and demands her back.
  • the girl’s family, in a plot to destroy the girl, brings the guy to the girl where he declares the “truth” to the girl (when she’s with her other lover)

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Why not bisexual?


My female MC is involved in a no strings attached relationship with her male friend (who is not the main love interest). I’m struggling with how to have their relationship end so the female MC can get with the male MC. I don’t want the male friend to be in love with the female MC because it’s overused and cliche. The female MC isn’t going to end the relationship with the male friend by herself because she’s hesitant to take the dive with male MC, who is her boss. How should their relationship end? (If you have any other ideas that I didn’t include in the poll, feel free to reply.)

  • The male friend gets in a relationship and ends the friends with benefits relationship with the female MC.
  • The male friend and female MC mutually end their relationship but remain friends. The male MC gets jealous and tells them to end their friendship.
  • The male MC causes conflict in the female MC and male friend’s relationship, causing it to end. The male MC is insecure in his relationship with the female MC because of how fickle she is.
  • Other (reply to this post)

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Character: Ditzy and an airhead. Not known for being very smart, but she’s very passionate about her likes and also super passionate about her dislikes. She’s not mean or annoyingly stupid. I would say she’s more cute and stupid.

Setting: She and her parents are prisoners in a failing dictatorship (think North Korea). Before she was born, her parents used to live as nobles in a neighboring kingdom. But that kingdom was attacked and her parents were taken as prisoners. She was born after they were imprisoned in the dictatorship.

Plot: Her goal is to escape to the outside world with her dad (her mom died while imprisoned) and return to her parents’ homeland. I want to add that the dictator that rules them isn’t the best leader. His country is failing economically, socially, politically, and naturally, so he’s getting desperate. Because of the desperation, his decisions are not always reasonable.

Mood: Melodramatic with snippets of humor added in.

To me Option 2 (foreign country attacks) is the most realistic, but sort of predictable. Option 3 (she becomes a spy) and Option 1 (dictator’s brother helps her) are the ones I’m leaning towards because I can twist the scenarios to give them a comedic feel while keeping some realism.

So how should the story start:

  • The dictator’s brother (not the love interest) helps her escape, but not her father because it’s too risky. The dictator’s brother is in love with her and is pretty ditzy and stupid as well, so even though she manages to escape, he gets found out and is punished by the dictator.
  • The dictatorship is attacked by a foreign country and security becomes lax. She and her father break out and escape
  • Somehow (I’ll figure out why later), she ends up as a spy for the dictatorship even though she’s known for not being very subtle or smart. She’s assigned to spy on the royalty of her parents’ homeland. Instead of doing her job, she confesses right away when she meets the monarchs of her parents’ homeland.

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